Class Tuning in Progress -- 20 April

We’re currently working on a pair of class adjustments, with the intent of making these changes during scheduled weekly maintenance (20 April in this region).


  • Survival
    • Wildfire Cluster (Runecarving Power) explosions now deals reduced damage when striking beyond 8 targets.


  • Destruction
    • Inferno (Talent) now has a reduced chance for Rain of Fire to generate Soul Shard Fragments when it deals damage beyond 5 targets.

In both cases, we’re deliberately making changes that will not affect either spec engaging with fewer than 8 targets. In the case of Survival Hunters, we want the Wildfire Cluster to remain an excellent Legendary choice in AoE situations, with damage that is more similar to other AOE abilities. For Destruction, we’re focusing on the synergy between Inferno and Rain of Fire that leads to a dramatic increase in damage with target count due to resource generation.

We’ll have the final changes noted in our hotfixes update next week.


This is a decent nerf but at the same time feels a bit weird in a bad way because you can tell this nerf is due to MDI where the pulls are quite bigger compared to pugs where this Inferno talent just becomes a monster in terms of shard generation, which of course makes the Dest Locks roll like 6 years old boys that ate 7 candy bars in a row.

Some make the assumption that we had the entire tier-set aquisition issues due to world race as well.

IMO Blizzard should not really tune and plan things around their tournaments. Players at that level will always utilize the best strategy / spec etc. anyway. Ruining others’ fun for the sake of such events makes no sense from a marketing POV.

Edit: Nevermind. Blizzard changed the number from 8+ mobs to 5+ mobs. Because in their delusional mind its okay to nerf a spec for the top 0,5% but make sure its done in a way it affects the entire playerbase.

Well done Blizzard. You really don’t surprise us anymore with your bad decisions in every area of the game.


Where are all the changes for PvP…Its in beyond broken state atm.You got to fix alot to be even barely balanced.Or maybe PvP players are second hand citizens ?!? Wake up Blizzard,Wake THE F UP


When was the pvp balanced?

This. I dont get it, really. You tune raid for top 5 – 20 guilds in the world, and it’s ok, because this conent isn’t supposed to last long, but something like m+ is a thing that has huge replay-ability, I personally can’t stress enough how often I was literally trashtalked for playing destro in keys in past seasons… can locks be left alone?\

MDI will pull 1/4 of the instance and they will blast it without a scratch, also key lvl plays a role here, but it doesn’t work the same in 23+ in live servers… damn you blizzard ! :frowning:


So, when does eye beam get uncapped from sqrt above 1 target?

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Ye…because destro is completely fine in st and raids… as logs shows.

Take your time …

It would never be 100% balanced,and none say it should be,but i can tell you just previous season was well balanced after all,but all this changes from 9.2 and mostly the stupid tier sets which they didnt make in mind how they gonna work in PvP(and still keep them active in PvP) totaly broke it…
So ye none askes for perfect balance,but its just not acceptable the state we are atm with Hpriest dominating,PvP caster trinket been OP,Desto Tier set making him god in arena,Assa rogue tier set OP and so on and so on

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Play demo in raids then


That’s why i hope this whole dev team is gone once the acquisition takes places.


There is a really easy way to buff BM hunters without affecting PVP and keeping their score under control.

Actually multi shot does 16.2% and you could raise that by 50% per day until it feels OK – it will take some weeks but in the end you solve the AOE BM problem decently.

That’s rough, now they’ll only be 90% ahead of 3rd spot instead of 100% with surv : /

And yet the data from the top 10 runs per spec in M+ HoA on live servers shows destro locks at 30 - 34k while the next closest spec (survival hunter) is at 24 - 28k. Meanwhile, others such as BM hunters, feral druids and 2 rogue specs languish at around 14k.

The nerfs are necessary for balance on live servers. I’d like to see a compilation of similar data from across all SL dungeons and buffs and nerfs applied to bring every spec within a 4 - 6k range instead of the current range of around 20k.

Annnnnd I was right again. Nice work aligning some overtuned specs. Thanks for your work :blush:. Classes with 2 btns should not do this stupid amount of dmg

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Again, you are providing data from the “top 10” runs as you put it. This is a mistake similiar to tuning done on 99% percentiles datas of raids.

Don’t get me wrong; this nerf to Dest won’t really affect the average player, at all.

I am just saying that you can tell the nerf is due to a very narrow part of the game. THATS why it doesn’t make sense to me, at least from a marketing POV. My comment is not spesific for this case.


Exactly, you don’t even need to nerf warlocks. Just make PI only self cast lol.

never. they are only balancing stuff for incoming MDI.

they dont care about 99,9% of players - just their precious e-sport teams.


Unfortunately that’s where the money flows.

But then, if you look at it from that point, you do mention that it does not affect average joe, so they won’t really notice this change at all.

From a marketing point of view I think people are driven away more by seeing that at the higher end, where many still may aim to get to, is unbalanced to this extent.

Keep in mind that Blizzard isn’t always balancing based on the top end. Feral druids during Legion was a perfect example of this, where they made the spec less reliant on bleed sniping, which reduced the ceiling of what the spec can reach. Average joe started doing more damage as a result, while those who already learned how to maximize the spec suddenly found themselves doing less damage than before.

I agree.
It always sucks when you get nerfed because of top end players and how they play.

I’m not speaking as a warlock here. I dont even play that spec.
I’m speaking as a casual player who does world content. And many times I’ve found myself weaker over night because of random tuning for the sake of the top 1%

I dont know what the right thing for blizzard is to do, but I do know it always sucks to get nerfed because of something that does not apply to you