Classes and Item Tuning Incoming - 4 May

May the 4th be with us all.

Do you guys ever know how to balance properly?!

Nerf the strength bonus and not the rune weapon uptime… Jesus…

This really goes to show how clueless you clowns really are. Takes forever for you to release a patch and during that period you are incapable of correctly balancing your creations. To add further insult to injury you kneejerk nerf based on what we can only assume is the MDI, which in reality is how nobody plays the game. Yes I am referring to DK set changes, this patch has nothing more to offer, everything has been completed, there is no reason to destroy a class set at this point. Take your nerfs back to the drawing board and come back with something more sensible in 9.2.5


Hope is a joke!

If the BDK nerf comes life, im done with this game! Too many hrs invested to trash tham away like a fly!

just lol

Affli is one of the least played specs in arena atm if all you melee would actually look at stats instead of skillfully tunnel in double melee all day,you might be able to see it.
On one hand cause destro overshadows it and 2. its just easyly countered by dhs/mw/dks or enh/ret offhealing or simply stopping their 2m go with a simple dispell or just lining.

The trinket nerf will make it unviable for affli cause 1 spellschool and no cc break like mages blink.

4% buff for a spec that is 40-50% behind the top wont be helpfull in any way and even in their niche of multi target they are outshined by destro/demo and like 10 other specs.

Good thing sub ends in 2 weeks, no reason to play this Oneshot BS anymore.

We’ve worked through a couple of modifications to our plans.

Death Knight

  • Blood
    • The First Eidolon’s Soulsteel (2-piece) set bonus: Heart Strike now increases the duration of Dancing Rune Weapon by 0.33 seconds (was 0.5 seconds).
    • The First Eidolon’s Soulsteel (2-piece) set bonus: maximum Strength stack cap is now 40 (was 75).

We will modify the planned adjustment to the Dancing Rune Weapon extension from the 2-piece bonus, reducing the maximum stack cap of the Strength bonus down to 40 from 75. Our initial goal was to rein in the power from the overall set bonus as it far exceeded our expected value for a tier bonus when played well. However, this nerf also hit the lower end harder than intended while also making Blood feel worse playing around optimal gearing and mechanical play to maximize the potential of the bonus. We will instead shift to reducing the maximum Strength cap so that the playstyle of the set bonus remains relatively unchanged but the damage capabilities (and to a lesser extent some of the defensive power) are pulled back some to a more appropriate value.


  • Outlaw
    • All damage abilities increased by 4%.

We’d like to extend our thanks to the community for all of your discussion on the proposed adjustments. We really appreciate being able to harness the power of your feedback before making changes to the live game.


Nice to see you reacted properly and tuned back the blood dk nerf to a more reasonable nerf. However it would be nice if you looked more into Gladiator’s Resolve. The nerf barely changes the thing that makes the trinket toxic for the game. A ICD would be something more fitting for the trinket.


Are you happy with Unholy DK’s tier set performance? I really wish it was on pair with Frost’s tier set, especially since it takes some thought to use it properly

What about shadow ffs man. Do we realy need to cry more? Try to get into a m+ group…and try to keep up with all the busted specs…idk why ww monk is getting flat dmg buff…theyre insane in dungeons on trash…why not only st tunning…


You hate us, don’t you?
Outlaw needs 10% at least

Is the Grappling Hook already fixed for the Outlaw rogue?

So happy about this. I’m perfectly fine with doing less damage, as long as I can enjoy the fun gameplay of the tier set. Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Also we need increased AOE cap.


Yes buff rogues more please.

Remember the April Folls joke “no changes needed”? It wasn’t a joke to them

Happy about DK “revert” but tbf issue is still there . Initial point was to reduce their insanse dps . With this change the nerf is about 6-7% in ST, still above many dps specs.


Problem is that without DRW up we are squishy as hell. I’d rather this work as a band aid for the rest of SL then have them actually fix blood in DF.

While i agree bdk is weak without drw this isnt realy a nerf .

Noone can argue they are strong af, no matter content . Now they received like 6% nerf ( or about 700dps for most ) on ST, which will still leave them as highest st tank , and still above many dps specs .

And while maintaining all this , they have no weakness window because they still can keep their drw up as pre nerf .

So bdk after nerf is still tankiest most dps , most self suficient tank we got , what was point of that nerf then ?

Imho , they should nerf dmg by a lot , either add jailer wep nerf to it too, or nerf max stacks even more .

Or to promote better gameplay = more reward keep stacks at 40 but make it only award 0.5% per HS so not everyone amd everytime can achieve max stacks .

Anyway, im glad they didnt kill the spec , but compared to others specs that did get a hard nerf this is nothing and should be more , as this will change literaly nothing.


At this point turn tanks into dps…

Thanks for listening Blizzard. I think every Blood DK is ok with the nerf like this.