Classes and Item Tuning Incoming - 4 May

With our next scheduled weekly maintenance (4 May in this region), we intend to make some tuning adjustments to several classes and one item.

Death Knight

  • Blood
    • The First Eidolon’s Soulsteel (2-piece) set bonus: maximum Strength stack cap is now 40 (was 75).


  • Beast Mastery
    • All damage abilities increased by 4%.
      • This change does not apply to PvP combat.


  • Windwalker
    • All damage abilities increased by 4%.
      • This change does not apply to PvP combat.


  • Outlaw
    • All damage abilities increased by 4%.


  • Arms
    • All damage abilities increased by 4%.


  • Affliction
    • All damage abilities increased by 4%.


  • Gladiator’s Echoing Resolve now increases the duration of crowd control by 25% (was 20%), now lasts 12 seconds (was 15 seconds), no longer increases the duration of root effects, and no longer causes the target to become immune to root effects.

We’ll include the final adjustments in our hotfixes update next week after the tuning goes live.


Where is Fury buff?


What is this bdk nerf? Why do you not nerf the ridiculous strength buff instead of just ruining the gameplay of the entire bonus


When u see specs dealing 2x the damage of others in m+ do u think buffing them by 4% is the right thing to do here? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I can understand u wanting some classes to perform better in ST vs AOE but a good aoe class should deal maybe 10-20% more aoe not 100%


Ty for shadow aoe tuning…


The fact that you decide to nerf Blood Death Knights damage is fine, doing it this way is just wrong. Make a change to how much strength is actually given per stack instead. (0.66% rather than 1% would be the proper change to make) This will gut the defensive value of a Death Knight too much, The Jailer mythic already swing us for 90k+ per hit like c’mon guys.


Blood DK already suffers a lot from threat issues without the 4 set. It basically does 1/15 - 1/20th of what dps are doing. Especially at the start of a pull.

I do realize the current tuning is too strong, but gutting the drw uptime hurts the defense, threat and offense immensely. Not to mention the changes to our stat weights basically rendering our valor upgrade and great vault choices wasted.

Kyrian paladins can press 1 button and interrupt the whole pack, do insane damage, put a huge absorb on themselves with the talent interaction and also get resources and threat. Whereas blood, even with the current form of 4 set, has to ramp up and maintain drw.

Please leave the drw extention and uptime as it is and just reduce the strength gain or the maximum stacks.(maybe a max of %40-50 str either changing max stacks or str per stacks) Going through with this change would gut the spec.


I feel the blood DK nerf is going to make a lot of people quite unhappy, me included - but not for the reasons you might imagine. A nerf is certainly needed to blood’s DPS, I don’t think anyone will disagree there. Maybe the survivability is a little too strong also, I wouldn’t necessarily object to a more modest nerf there either. The problem is that this change fundamentally alters how the spec plays and gears - there’s suddenly no point stacking haste for the set bonus, it seems like haste will now be worse than both vers and crit, where we’ve been desperately stacking as much haste as possible until now. This will result in blood needing some quite different gear and adopting a different playstyle for the rest of the tier. Which really sucks at this stage, because we’ve picked vault choices and upgraded gear with valour to work with the playstyle that launched in 9.2.

Please consider a more targeted nerf. For example, limiting the maximum stacks on Endless Rune Waltz to 50, or reducing the damage of the second rune weapon, or just nerf heart strike by an appropriate amount. Slice a few percent off DRW’s parry chance if a survivability nerf’s needed. But please don’t effectively invalidate the gear choices we’ve invested in and kill an enjoyable playstyle in the process. Nobody denies that a nerf is needed - but this nerf specifically is a fundamental and far-reaching change to the spec’s design this tier, which is going to feel terrible.


SORRY BLIZ… Why you don’t take care on shadow priests… not the best aoe/singel/utility’s… why …you wona again punch all Sp players becouse you don care. I hope you do it right now until it will be not to late … we need better Singel and stable aoe …thous 4t procs…feel crazy when you spam out close 9 SN …and still didn’t see just one proc … sadge story again …
Hope that you will change it soon … :pray:


get ready for mdi


Much needed bdk nerf, glad to see it.
Yeah defensives sucks in higher keys, but 99% is not stepping their foot in 25+ keys, still would be viable.

Still think the nerf could be handled differently by reducing the dmg they do, but the DRW uptime is the issue for surviving.
Just gonna see how it works out.

What needs to be lookd into is the threat issues, specially for guardian outside incarn, is garbo.

To this day i dont understand why when they nerf something they gut it to ground.

But if they buff something thats realy week people barely notice it .

Anyway, thanks for nerfing another tank to ground, this will for sure make more people play it and make whole comunity happy .

This bdk nerf put’s it back to 2set plus the budget heartstrike from 4set. It felt realllly bad to play. Low survivability and barely any threat ever. I swapped to bdk after 2 nerfs on gdruid cause of how bad it felt in higher keys after. The bdk nerf is way way worse. It’s night and day. Don’t want to touch bdk after this at all. But I just transferred my bdk Wednesday realm+faction. Only toon I have there for mythic raiding now. Gutted, will send a ticket to revert my transfer. Low hopes


Not sure why open these threads, not like you care or read what will be said.

Um, are you serious? 3%? The hell is that going to accomplish? That is not going to make up the gap between other classes and specs in Single Target whatsoever, nor in Keystones.
I still don’t understand how you can be letting Subtlety run around at the top in Keystones, considering that’s a niche the spec isn’t even designed for, while you let Outlaw sit nearly at the bottom in the niche it IS designed for.


Fix boomkins in m+, so they finally do more aoe dps while out of 3min cd? Healers currently do more aoe dps.

Arcane Mage? Hello? Sure, buff everything at the bottom, but not us… We are ok in M+, but not in the raid. You could buff single abilities and not just a flat % buff for example. Only one covenant is really good for us… Where is the balance here? It looks like you love to forget arcane, because only a few people play it. :confused:


You should make those more often :smiley: good changes

Goes through the alphabetical list. Monk … Rogue.
You seem to have missed out Shadow Priests?
But it’s fine. We’ll go back to our Forgotten Spec Corner and cry until the next disappointment.


I can agree that this change doesn’t apply to PvP - because BM’s are good in PvP (imo Affi also shouldnt be buffed in PvP…).
But these 4% is still to low. Abilites should be increased by 10% or tier set bonus should be changed.

I suggest also to change Sandsworn Relic from soulbound to account bound - I really would instantly gear one of my alts on 246 and start raiding :slight_smile:

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