Classes in the realm

Hi, I´m a refugee from the wartorn realm Zandalar Tribe. I thought a rebirth in your realm might be a good idea. Is it a friendly, active and mature place?

But what class should I play? I like druid, but I have been playing a tauren druid since the start. Are there many mages? Paladins? Priests? Can I chose freely without having to worry that there are lots and lots of, for example, mages. (I have a lvl 10 mage, and lvl 8 paladin. I want to be alliance this time.)

Your thoughts?

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You can play whatever you want, HW isn’t nearly as hardcore as the other realms are. On the Alliance side there seems to be demand for dungeon tanks(but where isn’t) and dps(for raids).

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Thats perfect. I didn´t mind the hardcoreplayers until they started farming me. :slight_smile:

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