Classic Content Plan

I am looking forward to be able to actually craft my own ammo and skill up my weapons :slight_smile:

Thank you, now you got me back in wow another year atleast.

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I hope in pvp we get no experience, you ruined the game for twinks before so I hope we can continue and challenge ourselves to get the best twinks we can!

Also this is the first blue post ive read since TBC since you ruined the game from WOTLK onwards (in my opinion obviously).

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I honestly can’t wait, so good news, since the game become more and more easy (no proper talent, no need to go to trainers professions useless etc…). I really hope this gonna work out and maybe later you will have a dedicated server for most of the expansions (since my favourite was BC).

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Be Lovely just to dip a toe back in at Darkshore as it was, hopefully no heirloom items, just good old fashioned drops and crafted items … cant wait, thank you Bliz :slight_smile:

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how do i post lol. i wonder how old this character is?

I fully expect captain placeholder to return!!!

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Thank you Blizzard for this awesome gift!
Can’t wait to get back in those old fashioned raids!
Thanks, you’re the best!

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jess… cant wait i am so exicited… :blush: <3 this modern wow is so boring… i want big challenge 1 - 60 lvling plus crafting item and use them…!! i didnt use any of crafted item in modern wow… or use but only 1 or 2 h and replace them … :male_detective:
farm gold for spells repair and other stuffs :D:D , for first time after long time needed for healer/tank when do some hard quests and still need care and tactics… use foods, buy or make potions etc…

WoW in Veins :wink:

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So when ? I want Classic !

I’m waiting Vanilla too.
On web for MMORPG projects I not have interest. BFA not interesting for me too. But comeback Vanilla and true Raid it’s very cool for many people on RU servers and EU.
We all waiting this… and hope in this!
I can get Time Off on my work for start project)))

I stopped playing before Cataclysm came out, to me WotLK was the last WoW experience and I loved Classic WoW and Burning Crusade the most! Removing the Talent Trees was a big mistake by Blizzard, just to make character specialization more simple for …“simple minded” people!

I’m really disappointed with the mere existance of the cash shop since WoW is a subscription based game! It should have no pay to win elements like Character Boosts to almost max lvl and many more stuff only available from the cash shop, it’s a shame what have happened to World of Warcraft regarding this issue over the years!

I really hope WoW Classic will have no cash shop at all!

I’m really exited about WoW Classic, I hope it will restore the game at least 95% to it’s original state as it was back then! So far it seems that is the intention of Blizzard so I’m really happy about it!


Nice to hear. What about the professions though? It’s sad to see that appearently professions don’t get thought of. Again, just like every other expansion.

Well they still have around 3 months to fix the issues and hopefully give us a true WoW Classic experience, we are all worried but even tho I have my concerns about a lot of things, I hope they will fix these important issues everyone is talking about by August 27.

Otherwise no streamer hype or nostalgie gonna save WoW Classic from failing, so I truly hope Blizzard is takeing those issues seriously and working on them.

Lot of WoW fans were disappointed by the time Cataclysm came out and afterwards even more.
Blizzard wants to get these players back, and they can, they only have to do things the right way this time around and bring back what was lost to us for so many years. The real World of Warcraft (and maybe if things go really great then later on The Burning Crusade aswell!).

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Nice job​:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Without active sub, you can’t even get invited to beta.
Meh, super lame.


Original character from Classic WOW, raiding with a top 5 World guild clearing Naxx40, left it to level 70 and switched to a new character. Been playing since then and still waiting for my beta invite because I know classic content like the palms of my hand :slight_smile:

To me it seems if you are not a streamer you have less then 5% chance to get a Beta invite… truly sad indeed, Blizzard chooseing people to create a hype, over people who actually played back then and would give much more valuable feedback.

There are so many challenges whilst 30 capped in Beta! Progresivelly capping every 20 or 30 levels would be a great idea for launch!

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