Classic Content Unlocking in December

Hey @Kaivax!

Can we get the exact timestamp for the content maybe before December 2020 ? I think you said we will get it in early December, of course you didn’t add the year but its kind of strange that we will get informed after the release is “BWL and Darkmoon Faire are coming in early 2020” If its the same early as the early in december will it be in 2021 then ?



answer blz

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Early January now :wink:

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Not in Blizzard™ time!

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Looks like they already abandoned classic.


Why are the Warsong Gulch rewards left out ?

Blizz answer pls!

Still no info when is BWL coming out? :slight_smile:

I doubt they will release classic content now with a major content update in retail coming very soon.

Would make no sense from a business standpoint.

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just give us the WSG vendor items and that’s all.

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please don’t right this if you don’t mean it. But at least make a post saying the info will be late. You must have someone in your staff with knowlege of basic communication


ppl said that for a year when there was no classic release date. muh content draught.

They didnt plan this far forward, they thought classic would be a splash in the pan and we’d all go retail only.

Once they work out a plan i’m sure they’ll be happy to share it…

hmmm someone here who wanna do a bet if BWL & co gets released before or after the airport Berlin is done?

Thats easy, since that airport will never be finished.

Better bet,

what gets focused and therefore released first, Shadowlands or Classic?

Shadowlands will be out in autumn like October probably. (maybe earlier like BFA)
That’s maybe 9 months away.

Classic is currently in phase 2.5. Phase 3 for example lets say is next month. If BWL releases in February, then that’s 6 months after game launch. So that’s two raid tiers in 6 months.

They will still have 3 more raid tier to go: Zul Gurub, Ahnqiraj, and Naxx.
Will they go through Blackwing Lair, Zul’Gurub, Ahn’qiraj, and Naxxramas, in 9 months?
I would guess not.

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Just wait for the forums to cry there is nothing to do in game, they push those out real quick.

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People have been crying about nothing to do in game since launch, it’s been 5 months and Blizz has not put a single PVE content update in game so far. 5 months with no new raids, but the following ~8 months with 4 new raids?

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