Classic Content Unlocking in December

So bgs will be released after u.s maintenance like dire maul, meaning we’ll get them around 7 server time?

That’s my main issue with it, there’s no solid information on when this patch drops.

If you think on the Literal 10th, then it won’t after the Wednesday update it will be available.

“Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley will open in WoW Classic simultaneously on all realms the week of December 10.”

You mean the way we got dire maul and honor system on tuesday and thursday?

it will release on 10 december in EU

Nope, 11th…

It is before reinforcement but NPCs are much much weaker (and consider that this time around, we already have the upgraded 1.12 spells and items), the quests are no longer available actually or most of them aren’t.

AV 1.12 is the origin of all the problems the AV had in TBC. And there were a lot.

Checks the US and EU Forums the day after the release

Called it.

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yeah its like the other 100000 posts about 1.12 being bad dont exist

they were spammed with people saying old av not new av and ignored it

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You(Blizzard Classic team) clearly did something wrong, it’s the wrong AV. This is the one that really isn’t fun and everyone zergs the bosses in 6 mins.

Yeah, I know this is 1.12 and that you are criminally dedicated to this version. But AV is NOT vanilla experience when the bosses are zerged.

There is probably one of the most upvoted post ever made on the forums about this issue and Blizzard still ignored it. So yeah

“Blizzard Fan over the world, we heard you” - “Authentic Vanilla Experience”. I noted these downs when Classic servers were announced to see how ffar Blizzard actually would follow their own statements.

Well not that far

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well technically its authentic to the patch unfortunately

Blizzard is currently using the Pre 1.10 Riding Skills, 1.10 Loot Table and Drop Rates, and 1.4 Diminishing Returns for Honorable Kills. So quite a few things that are not authentic to 1.12 at all

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yeah very true but it doesn’t change the fact that we are based on 1.12 and av is 1.12

as bad as it is i think we are stuck with it

How long is early December for Blizzard? Just wanna ask if even Christmas is early December and when is mid or end of December?

:x: Doubt.


AV is cancer of the game atm.

Lol it’s dec 17, I would call it more of late dec than early based on math.


Nah its 23rd of december its fine we are still early, early 2020 means december

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Hey @Kaivax!

Can we get the exact timestamp for the content maybe before December 2020 ? I think you said we will get it in early December, of course you didn’t add the year but its kind of strange that we will get informed after the release is “BWL and Darkmoon Faire are coming in early 2020” If its the same early as the early in december will it be in 2021 then ?