Classic Era PvP Rank Reset Coming with Patch 1.14.4

Will this effect my SVT gankging it up?

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I dont know… all im told… “we dont take ranking lightly - yet we kill your rank”, it sounds like “been a rough decision but ill shoot you to the head” … still no answer or clarification bear in mind…

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Knowing how important vanilla is for classic era players, it would be extremely dumb to do anything big with the game. To change anything you’ve done in the past would be insane.

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You should not need the rank to use it, just to buy it. And as it stands in 2-3 months your rank will be reset.

Kork … you back???
No sorry. after seeing post in Tokern for Era, is not good old Kork, only wannabe impostor.

U think nochanges work? I say for day 1 no changes but only changes. I didnt have laptop for 2 years and my acc was muted for saying nochanges for old post… allys wet they pants and need to buy mony to gank me? Lol i spit on puny gnomes who think gold can defeat lvl 60 warlock they think that mage works vs me? Say hello to corruption and fear have fun blink from that

You only need rank to buy the gear not to equip it

It’s fine the battlegrounds are always dead except for their respective holidays (unless you like lvl 60 wsg) The liars will tell you otherwise but don’t take my word or theirs, simply log into the game with a lvl 1, any faction, at peak time on a weekend and type /who arathi basin then /who alterac valley and unless it’s their weekend I guarantee ZERO players will show up. It’s dead!

Honestly rank is the least of my concern… besides im like what now… “scout”? thats rank 1, and VERY true rank decrease… but title stays… SO… elephant in the room, you delete ranking… do you also delete ranking title? Also gear and rewards from vendor is attached/linked with the ranked title… title gone access to gear gone too… meaning that if say you drop/delete or u didnt purchase an item you could possibly want from vendor u will lose the option to buy it when you want it… I repeat i dont care for rank but the rewards coming from it. I was the first that kept mentioning over and over at this forum that classic ranking system needs to be reworked from the bottom to the top, in other words remove the current one for a better… And all I read is the “remove” not the “replace” with a better ^^.

I know next to nothing about ranking. But Aggrend say: “this patch will also include a large update”- Just reset is not “large update”. So certainly something more will happen to ranking than just reset. What I dont know.

Add dual spec while you’re at it

Go back to your retail wow and leave era alone


I’ve not once played retail in my life, spending 100g to swap talents back and forth sure is fun though!


Just leave era alone, why ruin something that works. Just keep the servers running, that’s all you have to do…


Why does everyone everywhere assume Blizzard is going to replace ranking alltogether?
That´s not what i read here.

Aggrend talked about RESETING the rank, which means, it´s been resetted - to Rank 1.
All progress will be lost, but it´ll be possible to get ranks again.

AFAIK the current script is working like the SoM one with increased speed, and there were some bugs they were not able to just fix with a minor patch.
I guess they just adapt how the ranking does work and fix those bugs, and that´s it.

And so that everyone does have the same precondition, they reset the current progress.

I´ve been more worried about alt ranks/titles being lost, because i know a friend of mine is very happy with his.
But in that case Aggrend would probably not encourage everyone to make sure if they can get their target rank within the next few weeks. Would be mean, to just encourage everyone to do all of the farming and then delete everything :smiley:
IMHO it was just a heads up so that people who won´t make it don´t waste time trying to farm ranks

Maybe i miss something, but i don´t get why everyone is so panicking :thinking:

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Allegedly right now you can rank with sand:

Fun system :slight_smile:

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Hope hardcore is summer will be refreshed

Can we get some update on this ? Its a bit odd to tell everyone to stop ranking and then having radio silence for weeks and months


Sounds great

Is this some kind of Honor System revamp? I am too low level anyways but I am curious about this Rank Reset.