Classic Era Transfer Destinations for Your Hardcore Characters

No one wants to become a ghost, but for those who wish to consider that eventuality, some end-of-life planning is in order.

Death is not the end

Oops, your hardcore character died. Now what?

Your best option is to move the character to a Classic Era realm, where you can resurrect and continue playing the character, should you ever wish to.

Choosing a destination

Most Classic Era realms are connected. That means that if you transfer the character to one of them, you’ll put yourself into a cluster of realms. Here are the clusters in this region:

  • Mirage Raceway, Nethergarde Keep, and =Pyrewood Village=
  • Ashbringer, Bloodfang, Dragonfang, Earthshaker, Gandling, Golemagg, Mograine, Noggenfogger, Skullflame, and =Firemaw=
  • Dreadmist, Flamelash, Judgement, Razorgore, Shazzrah, Stonespine, Ten Storms, and =Gehennas=

Thus, if you have characters on Razorgore (Era), you’ll probably want to take the free transfer to Gehennas. Similarly, if you’re destined for Mirage Raceway (Era), you can send the character to Pyrewood Village.

Hydraxian Waterlords, Everlook, Auberdine, Mandokir, and Chromie are destinations that are not connected to other Classic Era realms.

Double-check your choice

Your free character transfer is one-way, and cannot be changed once initiated.

Resurrect in peace.


What about Celebras the last german RP Realm fro Classic? Last time I looked we and Razorfen where not connected to any other Realm but Everlook whas being connected to Lakeshire.


Does this mean free transfer upon death to any and all Era realms?
Or is it somehow restricted?
Because why else would I wish to

why not just go Mirage Raceways?

And yes you forget Celebras :frowning:

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Only free transfer to:

Chromie (Russian)
Hydraxian Waterlords
Pyrewood Village

Even bungled this up. Forgot once again Celebras the German RP realm.
Incredibly greedy, stupid company!

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Likely to prevent already high pop realms running into overpopulation. Players have a tendency to bundle all into one server snd then sometime in the future afterswards start whining they cant get in or its laggy.

Is the other way round, I’m afraid. Trying to make all gather on one server so other can be delete. Always free transfer only to Pyrewood - for EU PvE cluster.
Celebras is most decidedly low pop :wink:

I died in hardcore, and I want to transfer my character… But I had stuff at AH that are now in my mailbox. I can’t transfer my character unless my mailbox is emty, and I can’t use the mailbox when I’m dead…


Because they consider Pyrewood Village and Mirage Raceways as one realm, and since you can now create 50 chars on one realm, there is no need to offer more transfers as to one realm per cluster.

They offer FCT to every EU realm cluster (both PVP, the PVE) and Hydraxian Waterlords.
I expected the PVE Cluster and the Firemaw Cluster and maybe even Hydraxian Waterlords, Gehennas i didn´t expect to be honest.

They on top offer FCT to the biggest PVE Realm (Cluster) of each (previously available) language.

  • Auberdine (French)
  • Chromie (Russian)
  • Everlook (German)

Mandokir is a bit of a special case because it´s the only spanish realm and this one is a PVP realm.

I actually like this a lot
That´s a shift in their previous approach, to just ignore those player, who prefer to gather on the bigggest realm (cluster) of their language.
It showes that they aknowledge and respect, that some player might prefer to gather on realms dedicated to their native language, and not moving to an EU realm.

It´s something i absolutely did not expect to happen :slight_smile:

What is MISSING are the PVP Realms (the Venoxis and Lucifron cluster for german, Sulfuran Cluster for french).
They don´t offer transfers to each language specific option, just the biggest PVE ones.

Celebras is not a PVE realm, and it´s not an EU realm, therefore there is no transfer available.

We all know the WoW community - they can´t make an exception for just one realm :sweat_smile:
That means, they would have had to choose Celebras instead of HWL, and that wouldn´t have been a good option.

On the one hand HWL is bigger than Celebras (even if we don´t count the HC community on HWL), and on the other hand, it would neglect the fact that Celebras is a german realm.
And i don´t think that´s going to happen.

=> To NOT offer transfers to Cele was imho the most respectful thing they could do with the approach of transfers they chose (and, again: they offer transfers this time AT ALL for language specific communities. Yey!)

We are not many, but stubborn. And happy :blush:

But to be honest: i´m not that sad about the fact that we don´t get FCT at the moment.
With the queues and the first rush on the HC realms, it´s likely that we would get transfers of EU player who just picked a random realm.

Even those EU player who are already on Cele (and they are not many) do scare a bit some of our players
“Do we roleplay in english now?? I don´t speak english!!!”

We are slowly, but steadily growing with returnees and german player, but we are still pretty vulnerable.

I´m not sure if we would survive an influx of too many EU player who just picked something at the moment

I prefer to continue to fly under the radar as much as possible, at least for the time being.
We´re, as far as i know, the biggest RP community left (nevertheless) in WoW Classic in EU.
We´re an endangered species and need some protection. :confused:

And, i like the fact, that Cele is still - de facto- a german RP realm :relaxed:

Celebras is most decidedly EU realm, same as HW. And I would think that Celebrasians testing HC would like ability to go “home” on death same as HW players.
I found out about restrictions, testing whith HC character I just killed.

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Beside Konstantino i know two who are testing it.
One is a hc player who´ll probably just delete his char (he did it with all of his other chars, too)

The other ones reaction was: “oh well, i´ll just spend 25€ and transfer over”

I´m a “Day 1” Celebrasian, and the Celebrasians i know, prefer to be not overrun by EU player.

And Celebras is just technically an EU Realm.
The Community is German

Same for Lakeshire

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Mandokir and Auberdine and Chromie and Everlook and Celebras are all EU realms, not all EU English realms, but EU realms they sure are :wink:

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For me EU = english
But yes, of course we are not US realms :slight_smile:

See it from this point of view:
They removed the language tags from our realms, because they didn´t think that there are player who would prefer their language tag over a more crowded english realm and probably didn´t think that the remaining player base was big enough to be even considered.

Same with the SoM transfers.
What did we get?

Firemaw and Pyrewood

They now offer transfers for:

  • EU PVP Player
  • EU PVE Player
  • EU Roleplayer
  • Spanish Player (PVP)
  • French player (PVE)
  • German player (PVE)
  • Rusiann player (PVE)

Yes, the french PVP player, german PVP player (i know there is still one raiding guild left on the Venoxis cluster), the russian PVP player and the german Roleplayer (AND the english RP-PVP player) don´t get transfers.

But that french, spanish, russian and german player at least get an option despite the fact that at least Everlook is not that much inhabited, is a huge step forward.

Without them not considering the language barrier for some of us, we wouldn´t be in the RP realm situation in Wrath, we are currently in.

It´s a change i like.

And, as i said- i prefer to continue flying under the radar, at least until the release dust has settled.

No need for queue refugees who pick the wrong realm and end up on Cele.

We´ve had last year some on Lakeshire (Wrath), and they were SO GRUMPY that the germans spoke german on a german realm.
Who could have THAT expected!?
Scandal… :sweat_smile:


Them taking into consideration the different clusters of players on different realms is definitely something I did not expect to ever hear about - got to give Blizzard props for this!


Well I play - undercover - on Celebras. I minding my own business as a shy Tauren. Sometimes I forget I supposed to speaking German, I have had only nice responses, and then of course continue in German not much better than my English :wink:

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Sounds like a great community imho - can see why Malóu wants it to stay small!



And as i said already in the Wrath forum some time ago:
If i´d knew your character name, i´d pass on help if needed :slight_smile:

I personally don´t mind player like you whom we´re offering refuge on Cele.
It´s the same we answered our a bit scared player: We´ve had some refugees from Hydraxian we offer shelter, and with those few who are here we speak english (i invited player who only speak english in our german RP guild, and it does work, too.).

My comments that Cele is a german RP realm is not targeted at you, i hope you don´t read it like that :slight_smile:

But we´ve had an influx of english non RP realm compatible player (those character names -.-) who neither considered, nor cared, nor respected the fact that Celebras is the home of the remaining, german RP community.
My comments are more targeted at them… they all left, but they scared away back then some player we would have really needed.


Thank you!


Yes I am refugee from HW too :wink: I lik peace and quiet, and to just immerse in game. I am never on for long, playing in short bouts, so I nwwd seldom help, but would like friendly guild for chatting :wink: I try find you next time on Celebras Era :wink:
I not took it personal, only as misunderstand, and I fully understand not want those players on Celebras :wink:


If that’s the case, what does the “U” stand for? For me EU = Europe.


EU realms = international = english (at least the main language spoken there)

Just because Blizzard removed the tags from the realms, the realms didn´t suddenly turn into english realms.
The communities are still the language specific communities.

That´s the whole point.

I wouldn´t recommand anyone who doesn´t speak the realm specific language to start there, simple as that.
Starts with “can someone help me with the quest” or “need someone for stockades”, “can someone craft x for me” or “can i find a guild here”

For my realm, the answer to all of those questions is usually “no” because the player around won´t understand the question.

I´m usually online on my Alliance guild atm, but i think you´ll find me.
I created two placeholder chars were you can send an mail to, too:

  • Torask (Horde)
  • Elyssia (Alliance)