Classic Raids on retail since squish

So since the level squish my level 60 fully decked out warrior got squished to level 25.

All the classic raids now require level 30 and drops roughly Ilevel 100 gear, but my previous gear from there are now ilevel 29 and gives 1-2 base stats and 5 weapon damage compared to the 10 times amount of stats the gear has in the new lvl 30 classic raids.

Are you planning on fixing this old converted gear? I literally spent years and years collecting all the raid items and both thunderfury and hand of ragnaros.

The new lvl 30 Thunderfury has a wep dmg of 24-30 while my current lvl 25 one has 3-6 weapon dmg??? hello?

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Wow, 3-6 dmg on Legendary weapon. Fells bad man.

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