Classic Server feels sluggish?

I played classic a little bit and the response time from the game seems rather sluggish and slow?
I switched to retail and it’s not happening there. I do have relatively long loading times when I port to Dalaran that’s all.

I must admit I haven’t checked where the classic and retail EU servers are physically located.

Are they just cutting corners on classic servers, or is it just too much load at the moment?


I have a 0.5-1 sec lag for almost everything i do.

Blizzard did something wrong with the “batching”.

Looting, buying or selling to vendors also has the delay. Insane.
This wasnt in Vanilla.


They did this to try and simulate era-appropriate internet connection. Whose connection, though - although I started in 2008 I never had a ping above 50, however had some friends from South Africa…

Batching itself may have been a thing as well.
Its side effects are intentional, such as two mages successfully sheeping each other. Some other effects might not be so, many complain about hunter traps.

I got used to it after a few days. (I do manually loot, that was the worst.)

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