Classic Wow Era

so sad steve jobs died of ligma

ligma ballz

I also wanted to participate in ERA since i had a really good time back in classic vanilla. I re-subscribed to realize that blizzard moved all my 8 t2 / t3 characters in wotlk which i have zero interest in and without any e-mail notice.

I would play if i had my characters but i’m not willing to do same things again for 9th time.

p.s. the irony of people accusing private servers back in the day for potential “character loss” and suddenly the only character loss i experienced caused by blizzard


Having no interest in WOTLK is not the same as losing your characters.
MMOs are not static single player games, they are always changing and evolving, you should keep an eye on new developments.

We hope that Blizzard management will restore the purchase service Character Clone service Because I have characters in the wotlk world that I started with since classic was released in 2019


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