Classic WoW Server Queue


OOhhh come on Blizzard COME ON!!!
I was waithing with my friend 6 hour and when wee have 500-600 player in Queue 10-20 min my friend laptop get windows update and restart automatical!
when is restart the Queue is 9000 player !!! I hate this millios of players pay money and u Blizz dont make normali server capacity??? THX Blizzard thx!!! If not making biger server capacity take in game character transfer!

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That your friends laptop gets restarted by Windows Update is completely irrelevant to Blizzard. Do not bypass the language filter. Access to the Classic realms is a free bonus to your paid time at retail BfA WoW.

Character Transfer Classic

They’ve already addressed this before the start of the Classic Launch:

Realm Queues & Maximum capacity increased:


lol ! not thw windows update mate…the situation!!! waithing hours and if some wrong we get started a new queue , no ?? its normal! =))))) Bfa?? i dont like bfa ist a 0/10 game! i pay for clssic not for bfa! the bfa is a legion =))))) not relic essence not weapot , neck ! SAME!!!



I am closing here now as the right information was already given and I don’t want this thread to derail.

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