Cleaving strikes

I think FDK would feel better if Obliterate cleaved from Remorseless Winter instead of DND… it would feel very smooth, and less punishing

This may be very strong, but could simply tune the cleaved strikes to 70/50% to compensate.


Dropping DND doesn’t feel great, whereas Remorseless Winter feels fantastic.


At the moment, without any talents invested in RW, it’d make it a good button for Cleaving and QOL as you can move around with it. If you’re built for Obliteration then it doesn’t feel great to press right now as the build is quite starved for points so it’d be nicer if it could be our cleave option.

Flarkness did a really good point in his PvP talent video to make Rot and Wither have your D&D become an Aura instead.

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Arms warrior is a perfect example how cleave shoud work, cleaving strike hits a nearby target for a duration of time, means u can move when it’s active.

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