Cloak of Shadows

Cloak of Shadows, does someone know all the spells and abilities you can counter with it?

In pvp? any magic effect providing cloak goes off before the cast finishes (if its cc cloak just wont activate if the cast goes off and you were late pressing the button, not sure about reapplication of rogue poisons)
in pve? Uhhh it should work in most cases including on some physical debuffs which do magic damage, in current expansion it doesn’t work on the gorms poison in mists for some insane reason.

Yes in pvp, I was told it works against some hunter trap and assasin rogues sepsis, just want to know all the stuff it works against so I know when to pop it

If I recall correctly spell debuffs are either blue for magic or purple for curses. Hunter traps falls within the magic (blue border) category. Also remember that hunters used to have mana instead of focus, which is probably one of the main reasons for why many of their abilities are considered spells.

Put it in another way, if the ability can´t be cast while silenced, then CoS should work against that ability.

On that note though… the game has changed quite alot and what is considered a spell nowadays is quite fuzzy.

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Cloak of Shadows has two effects in PvP.

The first one is a total, complete, but very very brief (around 0.5s), magic immunity. Upon pressing Cloak you remove any and every magic effect from yourself. I saw someone mentioned debuff colors, but that isn’t accurate (some debuffs have a red color and are magic still, like Chains of Ice). During the first 0.5-1s your character will immune anything that has to do with magic. This includes all spells, and also all non spell attacks that deal magic damage or have magic effects such as Envenom, Final Verdict, and so on. Total total magic immunity.

The second effect is a spell immunity for the remainder of Cloak of Shadows. That means any spell effect (HoJ, Chastise, Chains of Ice…), direct spell damage (Frostbolt, Earth Shock…) and over time spell effect (Vampiric Touch, Flame Shock…) are resisted. You don’t take any damage, and the effects/debuffs don’t apply to you. However you are no longer immune to magic, just spells. So any non spell magic attack or debuff will hit you. A Rogue can reapply his poisons on you. Envenom hits you. Judgement and Templar’s Verdict hit you. Frost buffed Obliterates hit you. And so on.

Since you talked about Sepsis, Cloak removes Sepsis if it is already applied, but if it is used once you’re in the spell immunity part of Cloak it applies and deals damage, for example.

I think that should cover the question !


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