<closed> [A/H] Returning player looking for friendly raiding guild to call home!

Hi there!
Name’s Pete, 25 years old and from Norway. I’m looking to get back into WoW, and would love to find a lovely guild that raids to join. Whichever server, I’m fine with moving. Used to be completely devoted to Alliance in the past, but giving Horde a proper go this time around, or sticking to Alliance. It really depends.

I currently plan on maining Shaman (Elemental + Resto), and LOVE raiding and other fun PVE activities, or just being social with fellow guildies.

I haven’t raided in WoW for a little while, but currently I raid in FFXIV (Eden’s Gate Savage fully cleared on 26th of August, and Hades’s Elegy cleared), where I play as a Red Mage.

Preferably I’d love to get into Mythic raiding in WoW, but I doubt any guild would take me on as the raiding scene in FFXIV is very different, and wouldn’t really “count” towards raid experience here.

Either way, I’d love to find a friendly English speaking PVE focused guild to join and call my home. I’d love to hear from you all!

As a small sidenote; I stream on Twitch (not as much lately) and might do that with WoW, unless I join a guild that is not okay with this. I will respect a guild’s wishes to not stream if required.

Adding a small TLDR summary for fun!

  • Shaman (Ele/Resto)
  • Horde / Alliance, I’m fine with either
  • Up for any server, I can easily move if needed!
  • Interested in raiding! (dreaming about Mythic raiding)
  • Lots of experience in the past and from other games!
  • Love to chat and have fun in general

If you want to know more about me, just ask!
My BNET is Ahnket#2905 and my Discord is Ahnket#4199 if you want to add me and chat about your guild or such!

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Please note that my Shaman is 120, but still in the process of gearing.
EDIT2: added a shorter summary for fun!
EDIT3: some more info.

Added note, I have found a guild. Thanks to everyone who contacted me!