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People. Enough said.


Eep in ten letters.

Yeah its what you think and its an opinion as you say, but could you provide actual sources, proof? That these members are twisted as you say?

Cuz as it is right now, its just some weird snipe wishing for a guild to die, which makes you toxic does it not?

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Hello Alastier,

thank you for taking part in tonight’s server-wide PCU gold standard event (even Reddit picked up on it, woah…). I noticed that you decided to role play with the PCU long after the climax before the gates of Orgrimmar was reached. Thank you for participating.

I understand that role play is an emotional hobby for many, including me – I am just too passionate about it sometimes. But please, remember: The PCU (and the Rotgarde) is here to make your role play life cooler and if you decide to accept this gift, there is no need to insult us on the forums or anywhere else.

Take it easy,

PCU Event Master Morsteth

Edit: I have now received the in game report regarding your behavior, you are permanently suspended.


Eminent? No.
Imminent? Also no.

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Not being the race in charge in Orgrimmar anymore is not going to break the guild :laughing:

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They were RPing then and they’re still just RPing now.

You do realise they’re just acting, right?


fires an unavoidable chaos bolt at ur character


Honestly glad philip ferret is dead, now we can rejoice at sexual-talking rp :Pog:

If you dislike the players behind the guild, I have some bad news for you… even if the Rotgarde gets thrown out of the city for whatever reason with the recent story advancements (which I don’t exactly thing will happen anyways), these players might just make different characters and still RP in Orgrimmar.


They all left for Elder Scrolls RP iirc, so you won’t be seeing them anymore.

When people are more invested in your community’s storyline than blizzard’s storytelling you know you have truely created a compelling cinematic universe.


And now they will play the underdogs who just lost their leader and who are currently out of favour.

And knowing so many of them, they’ll love it.


Owned . . .


hey crazy idea… don’t attack ppl on someone else’s account…? and then get surprised that they reply?/

Surely Alastier asking for the rotgarde to be disbanded ic wasn’t an ooc demand…

Surely he is a quality roleplayer with no ooc agenda…


Suppose so, guess they think they’re cool telling him he’s dead though. x]

Not sure what that even means but incoherence seems to be a running theme with toxic folk like you.

t. Chaotic Al


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