Clouded Focus - Enveloping Mist

Hello, recently been doing some testing with Clouded Focus Lego.
If you do 3 x Vivify then an Enveloping it increases the heal to 1986.
This should be applied for every tick, but it only applies to the first tick then goes down to 1242 for the additional ticks.

The tool tip specifically says " Heals 1986 every 1.0 sec healing receive from the monk increased by 40% " which isnt the case

We are loosing out on additional healing. this needs hot fixed as soon as possible.

7 Ticks with bug - 9438
7 Ticks at 1986 - 13,902
Missing out on - 4464

in addition to this, when you already have enveloping mist on and you and 3 stacks of Clouded Focus and re-apply enveloping its for a far less amount (1400)
Hopefully blizzard actually look into this every little counts.


Hopefully blizzard actually look into this - bump

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That’s really had if that’s the case :unamused:

But the legendary gives a %increase, maybe mastery’s not includet?

Wouldnt matter if it was included or not, the spell your casting which is a dot the dot should persist with the value set i.e 1986.

Your gust of mists critted?

Mastery is not enchanched by the legendary

No its OK.
U only have this buff aslong as U Cast sm
Wegen your Cast of sm ends the buff for the heals end

You would expect that if your buffing a spell when that spell goes on it should be snap shot of the healing amount, because even when soothing has stopped the tooltip still says 1986 PER TICK! so regardless it is still broken but thats wow for you! and i doubt a gm will even look at this.

How about a legendary that reverts mastery into crit/haste

I see there is a international false-information if not any pvp-MW is obsessed with mastery

what are you going on about? it says a number it should be that number! you have buffed a spell the dot should be that amount until it falls off.

CF is usually used in arena with a Mastery build, that’s why I bring up Mastery

Anyway I made a Sephuz Neck, works fine if you’re crit-heavy

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