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Hi All,

Recently a few small guilds banded together to create a Small Guild Alliance - COASGA. Created with the intention of keeping guild communities intact, while bringing others into a close-knit community to do stuff without the (sometimes really awful) experience of pugging. And by stuff - we mean raids and m+ and dungeons and hide & seek and transmog competitions and achievement runs and pvp and whatever else we can think of!

Why did we form?

BFA has been an interesting expansion in terms of player retention for many smaller guilds - having full rosters in August, which have slowly dwindled over the past months to single figures. The alliance gives guilds access to other players, and the knowledge, experience and friendship that they can bring.

What have we achieved so far?

Apart from the wonderful community and new friends - we have worked our way to 6/8N and 5/8H (if raiding is your thing).

Current event days:

Tuesday - Normal Uldir/Current Tier
Friday (and Saturday if numbers allow) - Heroic Uldir/Current Tier
1st Sunday of the Month - Legion Transmog/Achievement raids
1st Monday of the Month - PvP (tour of duty/bgs etc)
M+ - happen most nights
Social events happen on random nights when there is nothing else planned!

What are we looking for?

We don’t have any specific requirements for our rosters, but we currently only accept guilds into COASGA.

The reason for this is that GMs are responsible for their guildies behaviour - this is hopefully to keep the integrity of the alliance, and to ensure that any issues can be dealt with should they arise.

However, that doesn’t mean to say individuals won’t be able to join in the future - and many of the guilds in the alliance are actively recruiting.

Current members:

Save the Bees - Recruiting
Heroes of the Mist - Recruiting casual & social players
Midnight Shadow
Mystic Knights
Novus Ordo
Royal Guards of Alliance
Order of the Red Dragon

If you think you or your guild may be interested in joining the alliance - add my btag and get in touch: Lyadryn#2321

Alternatively, contact one of the other guilds for their individual recruiting needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Nice initiative

Feel free to count us in.

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