Cold blooded rage

This talent is straight up not good, during obliteration it’s literally useless, outside of it, it’s barely useful.

I have a few ideas though.

This talent could replicate the effect of killing machine during pillar of frost and give it to howling blast and frost strike.

So basically it would work like this, you have obliteration up, you cast your killing machine empowered obliterate, and your empowered obliterate in turn gives you another proc which will make you next howling blast or frost strike be a guaranteed crit.

This would help obli frost dk pitiful st damage, and also bring the aoe more in line with breath, thanks to it’s howling blast crits.

The only problem i can see is that crit value would likely take a massive hit. It could be solved with making crit also increase your crit damage, but that would also cause other problems.

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