Collector edition regions

Hi, i’m looking to buy old WoW collector edition from ebay, and as i know, those are region locked (?) is region marked to the box somewhere? tried to look pictures but didn’t see anything. it’s TBC CE.

Yes the items that are important to redeem a TBC CE for the EU region is stipulated on this page:

Please be aware that due the closing of the Versailles Office you may need to contact Blizzard first to see where you can send the required items through registered mail towards to redeem your CE goodies.

Thanks for fast answer, and link, but didn’t find the right answer. How i can be sure that the item is for EU, not for US, before i buy it, i can’t see any region marks in the pictures of box.

Blizzard doesn’t deal with people selling old CEs. If you want to know for sure contact the seller.

Region is going to appear on the back of the box, usually near the bar code or system requirements.
For example on my Shadowlands Collector’s box I have here on my desk it’s directly above the barcode in block caps “European Servers Only”.
Different regions use different rating systems too, ESRB in the US (T for Teen as a black and white logo) or PEGI in the EU (12 in a yellow box).

So rating logo on the front of the box, or the region text near the barcode/minimum requirements on the back would be you’re best way to check these.

As Saneko also mentioned TBC Collector’s Editions in the EU has an issue where the cdkey inside the box didn’t trigger the rewards, and the only way to resolve that is the steps in the article linked earlier in the thread.