Come and Join best plebs in town

well, our server is DEAD! even after the merge. people who can afford moving already left and we are stuck here WOHOO!

so like every guild, we are trying to recruit as well. maybe we can get some people to enjoy the new content on this dead realm and we can try to make it work!

so here is a short brief about our guild:

Ascendency [H][EU][EN speaking guild] is a group of old-school players, most of which have been playing together since wow’s launch. We don’t do hardcore raiding anymore but aim to clear every expansion/patch content on time.

We maintain an active social life in guild and most of us are groups of real life friends whose activities exceed playing wow.
If you are sociable, mature, like to have fun in a competitive yet chill environment then Ascendency is the place for you.

Everyone is welcome.

you can find our guild on the guild finder tab. and please whisper me in game or contact me on fixxie #21903 for more info!

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