Commander of the Dead not working properly

The talent not working properly ! If we use Dark transformation and after that apocalypse sometimes there is no commander buff on the (army pets ) from apocalypse ! And to make it work we must use dark transformation after we use everything else so the buff apply

This is how it’s supposed to work. There is a small window (3-4 seconds) after DT that it still applies but otherwise pets must be out already

Yea true 3 - 4 sec window is right and still is weird window duration all the time ! I dont know if this is normal since the tooltip clearly says DT is kinda aura like , and clearly its supposed to be for the whole 15 seconds of DT . If the little window that we have for it is truly how it work, well i can say its a big nerf to the talent in pvp and pve !

Well you always use DT with your other CDs anyway and once they get the buff it stays on for 30 seconds

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