Community Feast Available Every 1.5 Hours

i was thinkin the same. i hope they will calibre the soup upgrades because with few players reaching legendary will become “arduous”

You get more tasks as a result of this. Which can also easily result in your gained rep skyrocketing.

You get more tasks. Evens out or ends up giving you more rep depending on your pace.


perfect. thanks

Thank you for this update. We had a decent amount of people (but not a crowd!), I got a lot of tasks and a whole rank of renown with the feast. I barely got any rep for feasts before. I cannot even compare the experience to what it used to be before and in a very positive way!

Nice. When you implement normal flying i maybe will once leave valdrakken and manage to catch the time this is on.

I can - or any really who turned on the help friend feature on his dragon - give you a lift, so you could unlock the flightpath to connect valdrakken with Iskarra, so you don’t have to wait something that will either never happen or will happen months or years from now

I really appreciate it, but no worries about that. A friend already carried me throught the isle. It is just that i am not going to log in especially for an event. I need to be in the game and do the things i want to do and catch the event because i am already available. With the current dragonriding it is not going to happen i am in the game outside of being in a dungeon which i get called for on discord.

Normal flying will open up the game for me, which means i will be able to catch events too.

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