Community Feast Available Every 1.5 Hours

Greetings Chefs!

With this week’s scheduled maintenance, the Community Feast will become available every 1.5 hours, reduced from its current 3.5-hour schedule.

After this change the event timer will always be visible on the map to show the 15-minute meal prep timer before cooking begins, the 15 minutes while cooking is active, and the 60 minutes of dining time for adventurers to chow down on the soup that you worked so diligently on.

Grab your chef’s hat and ladle. On your mark, get set, COOK!


Did you just change this now? There are a bunch of us who have been waiting for 20mins now on soup. Seems you released early or its stopped the scheduled soup time as documented in wowhead

great addition! Really glad you put this!

That explains it. I thought the event was bugged.

Can we have the new storm event every 1.5 hours as well please? The old storms events are all completely deserted, so now I can’t use them to gear up my alts.

That’s a nice change I’d say.

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Yes chef!!


Excellent, now we can get even more daily episodes of “Say yes to the chef!”.

With the feast being available every 1.5 hours and the buff lasting for 1 hour, that pretty much makes the buff constantly available. I’m not complaining.

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its a good change but at this point most people will already be exalted with the tuskarr anyway so there wont be as much value into doing that anymore besides for alts

I’m worried we will have feasts with a very low number of players now.
Ah well… I’m done with renown anyway, but still… I think this change might hurt more than it does good.

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Could you explain why you think that?

It’s gotten much quieter in the game in the last week or two for those of us not on full servers. I ran the siege on an alt at 6pm today and there was less that half a dozen players at the start, and a similar number waiting for the feast later on. The areas where you need other players to farm the mobs are now pretty empty for most of the day. Making the feast every 1.5 hours means a lot of the time we won’t see the boss. This shorter schedule needed to be in at launch, now it’s too late.

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While it might be less fun, it’s no loss. Rep gain actually seems to drop if you raid up. It’s either the grouping or the player number, but in a 30+ raid I usually got 500-600 rep while with just a handful solo it’s always around 1000.

why not every 30 mins?

I literally did already:

Less fun = a loss.

I’d rather prefer the feast to only last 10 minutes than 15, it feels too long at the moment and encourages “Fly to pot, go afk and watch youtube while others do the work”-mentality.

You should just make it visible on the map at all times with a countdown timer to the next feast.

you can always try to look up a group for it on a more busy server trough lfg.

But its not a bad thing when there are not many people there. You will get many more tasks when there are few people around. And its way less laggy. Sure you might not get legendaey 2 soup but the more tasks you get give up way more rep in the end

Ah so that’s why I’m suddenly seeing only a handful of people instead of a big pack waiting.

Bad change imo, it makes the game feel deader than it is.

The drops from this are garbage and it’s dead in the water once people have Tuskarr rep.

Add a currency to it that drops from the Legendary mob. (Spicey Shrimps or something)

Put some stuff on the existing Tuskarr vendors (Flavor Pocket for starters) that require said currency. Have said currency also drop from natural fishing too in small amounts.

Maybe let people who don’t farm M+ 24/7 get sockets and Primal Infusions for their gear this way. You would also get geared nerds attending again which would boost participation.