Compendium of the Dark Arts (Journal)

The Compendium of the Dark arts is, at least officially, an irregularly published academic journal for the exchange of research of the questionable kind. The whole thing was meant as a bit of background noise for my character, but I ended up writing an actual article, which hopefully contains the right amount of humour and gruesomeness to balance out the dryness generally associated with that kind of literature. (Future publications might happen, but I’m not sure.)

As for Amy herself, she investigates the inner workings of curses, and currently serves as a low-level priestess and hands-on healer in Stormwind’s Old Town district. The paperwork behind that assignment might, however, be a bit dodgy. The article is co-authored with Strahad Farsan in Ratchet, known to warlocks from their class quests, and multiple of the cited papers are authored by warlock trainers you might have stumbled over in the game. (Literally, in Shadowcog’s case.)

I thought, given that some work went into this odd concoction of research methods and dark magic, I might share it here. If you enjoy reading it, chances are you are slightly weird, but I generally consider that a good thing. In case you see Amy around, either in her role as a priestess or in another disguise, feel free to kick-start some roleplay. I would be delighted. :slight_smile: