Computer Restart Issue (only happens with wow)


Okay so today I’ve basically flipped the table due to an issue with uldir restarting my pc which is the only place It does this apart from one instance of it doing it twice back to back

now I had a look at my cpu temp using HWMontior
imgur /a/FWghqS2
to see if that was the cause now I’ve done everything the other posts have said to prevent the resets but when it happened outside of uldir I figured it had to be something else

now that first screenshot is just sat idle but when I have wow running it jumps like 40 degrees imgur /a/KrA8YxH
and I have no Idea why

i’ve ordered some new thermal paste and I’m gonna redo that but is there anything else it could be cause my pc doesn’t restart like that in any other game.
it’s just wow and like I said nearly always in uldir apart from the instance mentioned above which made me clean down the case and order the paste

It might also be worth mentioned I was streaming for 3-4 hours last night with 0 issues before cleaning everything

all suggestions and recommendations welcome

CPU- Intel I3 6100 (I know it’s not top tier)
Graphics - GTX950
8gb ram
WIn 10

(Aimjin) #2

Those are critical temps, your cooling definately does not work properly.
You really need to check if your cooler is running, if it’s sitting on the socket properly and if there is thermal paste (not too much) on it.


I also have the same problem, especially in Uldir, my fps drops like 30 and temp goes crazy. It’s an absolute sh*tfest raid with too much useless stuff going on around just for the sake of…idk… visuals ? It’s like this game is made for top tier pcs only, it’s insane. Another reason to be waiting for Classic I guess so I can play this damn game a little bit smoother…

Lowering my settings to lowest possible, and disabling projected textures helped me a bit.

(Grelier) #4

OP: as Aimjim said the CPU should not reach that high temps no matter how it is used so something is definitely wrong.

Daggermoon: raids in general have always been more demanding than outdoor content and it is not just because of graphics effects. Some addons can also cause heavy demand (eg. some WeakAuras). As I said above, if your computer reaches that high temperatures the problem is not WoW but in your computer’s cooling.


Okay so after days of trying things including buying and installing a new fan
as well as testing my ram to see if it’s corrupted which came back negative (everything was fine)
and I can’t think of anything else, before posting this I had been streaming for 3 hours no issue after finishing my stream I went onto wow to do M+ 2 minutes later it died
did my ram test then tried again just now died within 2 minutes

no other games produce this problem I’m on overwatch as we speak and it’s fine

I seriously can’t think of anything
and here is a list of all current addons installed some of them aren’t active and some only exist for certain characters
the undermine journal
Tellme when
sub spec
elvui (not active)
Azeroth auto pilot
advanced interfaceoptions

(Grelier) #6

What temperatures are you getting after replacing the fan? As even the idle temperatures in your original screenshot were pretty high. What CPU heatsink you are using?

What temperatures are you getting in the other games and streaming and in other situations?

If your computer is still overheating then there is still something wrong, most likely causes are incorrectly installed heatsink (not secured properly, too much thermal paste etc) or otherwise insufficient cooling in the case.


Hey Astraphobia,

It’s worth checking without any addons installed. Note that even if you do not have the addons activated in-game, they are still loaded into the game and could be causing some odd issues.

As others have already suggested here, computer restarts of this nature would most often indicate an overheating issue. I would strongly suggest you contact a local authorized computer technician to look into this, if you continue to exprience this.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


well it’s definitely not overheating after the new fan and yet I still get the resets, the highest temp I have recorded is 45 degrees c

so it can’t be that

I’ve made sure windows is all up to date as well which is it is, and all devices are up to date also


It looks like a faulty PSU to me . Had same problem many times before in the past 12 years of wow . You need a replacement or a stronger one . For the future use the search to find similar problems … i’m sure there is a lot answers to that problem . Not to mention the blue guy who colud do that to and they even pay him to do so …


I have the exact same issue.Can run much more “demanding” games with higher temperatures without any issues.However,no matter what I try -lowering settings,disabling addons,etc- my computer will just restart for no reason even in cities.There is really no consistency with the zones or anything,I could be in uldir for 3-4 hours without any issues,then teleport to dazar’alor only to get a restart 5 minutes later.I’ve been dealing with this since 7.2-7.3 I believe but it’s gotten worse lately.The other day I turned my computer on and WoW would cause my computer to restart as I tried to launch the game,every single time.I performed a clean install and did my UI from scratch and that fixed the insta restarts and the restarts have somewhat lessened in general but I still get them from time to time.I’m pretty confident it has nothing to do with the hardware,it’s just a driver compatibility or something of that sort.If it was a faulty PSU,ram or any other piece of hardware really,the issue would not be only WoW related.I honestly have no clue how to fix this and if it persists I’m seriously considering to cancel my subscription as I do not feel that I should buy a new computer to be able to play this game when I have no issues with any other popular and more demanding games.