Concerns about Ret pvp in TWW

Of what we know so far its the same old.

We wont be getting a gapcloser, slow or root nor increased CC tools of any sort while others actually do “cough” death charge “cough” and theres probably more on other classes increasing the mobiliy gap thats already there.

Of the 2 hero talent choises we get one should increase healing while the other should increase dmg mitigation, the later hardly does so. When our healing is a bit to strong they will always end up doing one thing and one thing only, nerf it.

Meaning the spec that gets more healing will heal at the level we do today (as in hardly anything) while the other spec will have nothing.

What i saw remaining on the tree was

  • 3 points for full steed remaining
  • Auras are what they are
  • Justicars Vengeance remains
  • Turn Evil still a talent node (because lets face it, they have no idea what to fill our trees with)

Dont be swayed yet again by the numbers we pull during testing. All of that is meaningless and fleeting while fun talents are there to stay (usually)

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