Concrete RBG LF players

Concrete RBG group LFM !

Private pvp group with couple core players looking for more to stabilise roster. Playing once / twice weekly (we can adjust schedule) in relaxed atmosphere.

Knowing basics of RBG and your class is a must. I am willing to take learning people but you must be knowing how to utilise your spec.

Looking for:

Either DK / Druid / DH must be playing off spec DPS (UH in DK case)

Melee DPS:
DH / feral / Rogue / maybe Ret

Ranged DPS:
Destro / Hunter

Disc priest / Holy pala / Evoker

Contact me on discord

Or reply to this thread with your contact info


concrete boys

beton bump

Bump still looking for a tank player and dedicated target caller also pres evoker, h pala and overall good players

buumping this we are playing this wednesday 07:30 pm CET

Hey pres evoker/ arms warr here add me on discord Qaido#0224

I am hunter. In PVP i main Marksman, but can also play Survival.
(I play both in M+)

Previous expansions i have 1,9k in 2v2 as a DK and i am very much looking for a steady RBG team, to go 2-3 a week. I never raid and would like to do more PVP overall.

Runiix#2150 on Bnet.
Tried adding u on Discord, but doesn’t work.

I’m lf PvP friends. Pala, lock and rogue at 70 atm. Not sure what to main yet but warlock is most geared one. I have a lot to learn, however I have a lot of Vanilla > wrath pvp experience. Your discord doesnt work. Thanks!

You still Recruiting?

Hey, I’m interested.
BattleTag: NeonSeal#22878
Ready for server transfer