Conditions and modfier

Hey fellow nerds.

I accidentally deleted my macro, that i have perfected though out the years I have had it. So i am trying to replicate it.

The problem is when I am in cat form, and use dash I get out of my form, so am thinking if anyone has an idea how to prevent this with this macro.

/cast [mod:alt]Soulshape(Night Fae); - this works fine
/cast [mod:shift]Bear Form(Shapeshift); - this works fine

/cast [mod:ctrl]Dash;

  • every time i use dash it cancel cat form, obliviously because of the next syntax in line when i call cat form for not being outside

/cast [outdoors,nomod]Travel Form;Cat Form;

So i have been playing around with the two last lines to make it work and i am reaching my end of knowledge.

Any ideas?

You’ve got a , after ctrl
Also, don’t end lines with ; can cause issues.
And unless you’re trying to do two things at once you should always use a single /cast

/cast [mod:alt] Soulshape(Night Fae); [mod:shift] Bear Form(Shapeshift); [mod:ctrl] Dash; [outdoors] Travel Form; Cat Form

You can also use /cast !Cat Form, so it will cast cat form, but will not cancel it.

So the last part of your macro would be [outdoors,nomod] Travel Form; !Cat Form

thanks, saw that and forgot to edit it.
Yea ill try removing the ;

Thank you both, just what i needed.
It seems it was a combination of two
the /cast did something obviously running more than one thus why it canceled it out and ! which i thought didnt work is doing as intended.
Cheers guys @Ancelyn @Elvenbane

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