Conduit destruction fix

why not make it so conduits dont get destroyed after you’ve farmed them X amount of times. so players who have played alot get the quality of life of them not getting destroyed. OR. Add a currency that you can farm that you can spend to make conduits you like permanent unlocked. this way you can have both systems.

Or, make them like old glyphs, once u drop it u “learn” it, item js consumed when learned, and u can swap them free from your “collection” of conduits u already farmed.


Ideally yes but this is a middle ground if they aint gonna budge on the destruction of the conduits. dangling the carrot isnt bad as long as you eventually get the carrot xD

Ion have stated on stream that the conduit destruction will not go live.

he didn’t offer a solution tho. we need something to grind. once youve unlocked them all then what is there?

like essences on live, they can literally just copy paste the system across and add it to the new ui.

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only problem I had with essences is that they were not unlocked account wide so I had to re grind on every alt… which i didn’t do… I just stopped playing :slight_smile: so yer please don’t copy and paste that aspect pls.

but that has nothing to do with the ideas in this thread, conduits as far as im aware will also not unlock account wide, but the idea of a library that saves everything you have unlocked so you can change them freely is amazing and should have been in from the start rather than having to regrind and redrop everything any time you want to make a change to it.

imaging have to go and complete a +7 again every time you took focused azerite beam out of your neck that would have been fun.

I suppose if they want the choices to matter they could do some weird transmog style system where you can mix and match and when your done just pay gold to lock in those choices.

From my understanding they dont want to just let players constantly keep changing stuff around 24/7 as they want your choices to matter so its gonna be weird to see how it all finally comes together maybe this year.

I posted this on WoWhead but didn’t get much feedback.

Perhaps instead of making changing difficult, incentivise not changing conduits without a degree of care. That is, make it possible but instead of punishing players for changing, instead reward them for sticking with their chosen conduits.

The way I would do this (in the hypothetical world where I am a WoW dev) would be to give conduits an attunement property. That is for every day a conduit remains in a slot (say up to three days) it gains increased potency. As an example, imagine a conduit increased the damage of spell X by +3% when unattuned, +6% after 24 hours and by +9% after 48 hours. You are now in a position where players can play around with their conduits, settle on something that works for them and then reward them for sticking with it. It also mitigates the switching problem, as it would be hard to imagine an unattuned conduit being able to outclass a fully attuned one.


Edit: To be clear, you would not be prevented from swapping at any point and there would be no gold cost. Just requires rest area/tome.

I dont like being stuck into something for days. like when it would cost thousands of gold to re spec your azerite gear or wait 3 days for the cost to go down… that felt horrible and an obvious gold sink… some people raid and do dungeons and pvp… punishing players for playing all of the content is so backwards :frowning: and makes them stop playing but i guess they make money off all the addicted players… buy wow token, re spec or be irrelevant
farming a currency that you can put into unlocking conduits gives you some choice as if you unlock a less desirable conduit then you have to farm to unlock the good one. gold could even be the currency as long as its not extortionate amount.

Make conduits a catalogue once earned but put a 6-12hour cooldown on changing soulbind loadout. problem solved? That way you can experiment with different loadouts and not be abused by people in raids wanting to change per fight. That sounds better than anything I’ve heard so far.

Watch them make it cost a currency to switch.

as long as we are able to switch i would be okay with that, i believe that they recently said that they understand the costs for reforging your azerite was abit much, so if it increased but capped at like 200 or something then it would be fine, but as long as we are able to swap between stuff its fine by me


They’re doing this instead. Lmfao.

Well… at least we have an endpoint to farm.

After that we don’t have to give a flying turtle about them.

TBH was expecting them to put more ranks on them… didn’t know how many they considered okay.
14 seems okay… if the drop rate is like 1 per instance.

Why people keep forgetting we already have a system for this…

Unlock once and then just Drag & Drop

I sure as heck ain’t farming them over and over.

Don’t you know the ‘definition of insanity’?

Don’t worry, you just need to farm them 14 times and it’s gg

we dont know how it works, that post literally says they dont know how it will work, you might have to upgrade them through a currency, its might not be a matter of just dropping them repeatedly to upgrade them

I think they’ll have them drop from instances higher ranks every time it drops, or simply 1st time you get a rank 1, then you get an upgrading token like the cloak.