Conduit drop %?

I killed KT 9 times and no conduit drop? how is this ok game design that I have to kill a boss for 3 months to get a mandatory conduit that makes my class viable

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Blizzard is never gonna disclose drop rates and algorithms, but we assume that for most stuff there is no bad luck protection.

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A lower ilvl on a conduit isn’t going to make or break your class.


Conduits should have a higher drop rate anyways .
Farm lege recipe , farm conduits , farm ilvl , kind of silly direction , this isn’t content for me .

The conduit doesnt make your class viable by itself. Also its so that people farm korthia for the conduit upgrades to 252 just like they had people farm venari for the 226 conduits. Because “fun” cough cough.

And i highly assume this is about the Withering Bolt conduit for Affliction Warlocks. Farm Plaguefall for the raw conduit. And then farm Korthia and either settle with the 226 version from random conduit drops or farm to tier 6 and upgrade to 252. Or just pray the Conduit drops from KT as your only source.

The Lego recipes are at least the least of all the problems.

Some conduits are very strong at max level. Name to few are Convoke one and Demo’s HoG (and dreadbite) one. Demo is already trash in m+ and without that conduit it would be 4-5k DPS at 250 ilvl.

Strong =/= Make you viable. Same applies to the conduit the OP is after which is the Withering Bolt one given the loot source being KT. The conduit wont make affliction suddenly viable. The spec in itself is giga trash outside of fortified dungeons and boss fights that have short sequences of burst AoE like Soulrender.

Convoke Boomkins are already not meta anymore. You would have had a better point with Frenzy Boomkins that literally wipe the floor with every fae boomkin.

Same applies here. And im fully aware of how strong these conduits are for demo.

Also you people mix up viable with meta.

Eh not really, Demo’s damage overall for M+ is quite lacking, esp. for packs. It actually wouldn’t even be played if these conduits didn’t exist.

Also, while its true that ventry boomkins are very strong, i would argue that due to its simplistic approach and #feeldgood moment, convoke boomkins are still quite alot and the conduit contributes alot of damage on convoke windows. At max its what, 30%? Thats alot.

That feelgood moment is the same case for Venthyr boomkins. Especially considering the damage they pour out during their Frenzy is so high that convoke druids can only dream about it.

Because pugs are meta slaves. Always have been. Different topic however.

‘’ Items and Rewards

  • Increased the drop rate of Soultwining Crescent.’’

Careful what you say sometimes.

No idea what your main is but this alt has only 226 conduits and is doing ok by the looks of my armory.

Anyhow, you can get tier 6 of Archivist Codex reputation and upgrade all your spec conduit to max without having to reclear every week; it’s account wide too.

What I meant is that they won’t give you exact numbers. Don’t take it so literally.

You don’t know what it was and how much they increased it.

And that info is available on this forum you don’t need to link an external site.

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