Conflict in Ukraine

I’m curious what will Blizzard tell about russian agression in Ukraine. It is time for shut down Russian servers … lightbewithukraine


Blizzard just Care for money. I would love to See blizzard support the ukraine and shut down russian servers.

Its time for blizzard to make a stand against russins aggressions and support ukraine Aswell.


I agreee.
its time Blizzard support Ukraine!

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By letting russians play shows how little blizzard cares about adolf putin invading and mass killing civilians in the ukraine. I talked with a few of russian players and they honestly dont know anything about whats going on.
Time to let them know.

Blizzard ffs show us u are better then putin.

What is this take? lmao

Why should civilians in Russia be blamed for what Putin does? And how will WoW servers affect Russia’s invasion in Ukraine?


My bad I ment only russia… ALOT of things are closing russia out, why should’nt everything?

Closing threads will not solve the problem. Probably this is only one active. We need Blizzard statement about this situation. Other companies have no problem to declare.

I think they dont need to shut down their servers.
It’d be enough if they just lock out from europe. Play with each other on russian realms. (Like US or ASIA)

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