Confused about getting maximum skill for phials in alchemy

Hi, I used all my Artisan’s Mettle to guarantee maximum quality on my phials, but now I’ve used them all and can’t figure out a way to get more except for the weekly quest. Is this supposed to be a kind of soft cap or have I missed something that should allow me to get maximum quality? I’m maxxed out on every specialisation except for potion mastery (which I’m only 8 points maxxing out as well) so it feels weird to me that I still can’t craft phials at the highest level and feel like I’ve missed something.

It is intentional.

Most consumables you cannot guarantee rank 3 without using mettle from what I have seen.

Atleast that is the case for sought after LW consumables as well.

Once you max out your professions you can turn excess knowledge into mettle, but I am not sure at which NPC you can do that at.

For this reason having more than one profession tool is useful. I have one with resourcefulness for the crafts where I can guarantee a rank 5 (gear) and an inspiration one for Public orders where they want max quality but they do not want to may enough for me to use an Insight. I have a multicraft one for cases where I amcrafting something like armor patches.

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