Congratulations to the First to Ring the Gong!

Earlier today, we watched as players on four realms in this region completed the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline, went to Silithus along with hundreds of others, and rang the gong, starting the 10 Hour War.

Congratulations to the first three gong ringers on each realm:

Player Name Guild Realm
Tetsu Progress Firemaw
Xcrement URO Firemaw
Dårligdps Evig nedtur Firemaw
Athell gusy Golemagg
Valdi No Comment Golemagg
Mavroula Seven Sins Golemagg
Mourtagh Maximum Effort Mograine
Smask Calamity Mograine
Vord Dread Mograine
Minmaxed Venture Earthshaker
Royal Chocolate Milk Earthshaker
Kaxxy Rewind Earthshaker

We look forward to seeing you in Ahn’Qiraj!


Thanks for sharing, i bet you are really fun guy to hang around with

Congratulations! Chocolate Milk represent!



Of course this matters for all the people that put in some insane hours during the days that we farmerd this. I know that 4-5 players in Rewind including Kaxxy slept for less then 10 hours during the 3 day long grind just to be one of the first to get this done and i know that Minmaxed and a few Venture players did the same.
Players from other guilds probably put in the same hours if not more so this plobably is as important to them.

Grats @Royal @Minmaxed and @Kaxxy, the REAL degenerates! :rofl:


first Russian guy :ru:


Well played to all involved - top class week and some world class memes.

Rewind celebrating 3rd place hard like usual:


good job lads it was fun :wink:


Mom I’m famous :sweat_smile:


Grats to my favourite Greek in the world Mavroula east Europe powa
GG <3 <3


Can I just ask for interest, did those players mentioned above got it by legal way or they also made a deal with opposite faction like guilds on Shazzrah, Razorgore and on some other servers and controlled the whole event for their own benefit without letting other players even a chance to participate for Scarab Lord quest?
I heard this was a really huge problem on some servers - will you take any investigation steps, whether the ToS were not disturb or you will just congratz to the next people who will ring the gong without interesting if they got it by fair play or if they cheated?
Honestly I was extremely disappointed with this event overall, especially with what some people are able to do to get this mount… scarab lord mount from Classic has really no value and nor prestige this time

This post is WRONG.

In Firemaw server EU.
Xcrement is from the guild URO, not from Pugnas Rache.

And the 3rd Scarab Lord in Firemaw, was Ladecima, from the guild Dun Spetsnaz .


What is Pugnas Rache???

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I’m sure Blizzards logs which record what happens are accurate. maybe not with the guild but atleast with the order. :smiley:

Sad to see that Zandalar Tribe is slacking off

now please unlock those realms for transfers…

Can you start giving people news about transfer within a blue post? we can see you remember how to do it with this post… so ffs do one about “transfer”, and inform us about that the heck is going on …

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