Conq boxes

ret is the prime example why they shouldnt be in the game. everybody and their mother can just fotm reroll super easy and super fast.

I take the fotm reroll train through these boxes over farming conquest on a naked character any day.


The issue mostly stemmed from how easy it is to get to 70 from 60. All you had to do were buy a boost → buy boost to 70 that takes less than 4 hours → buy conq boxes on main → w/e needed to be blue PvP gear could be gotten within 1-2hours.
Ppl we’re literally spamming trade chat to buy boost from 60-70 lol
So basically, how easy it is to get a new alt up to speed also proved how easy it is now to fotm reroll xd

drop rate of weapon is zero I guess, I opened 40-50 boxes no necklace and no weapon.

i opened 30 box on my alt which had wpn and 4set so far and i didnt get a single item from the boxes :joy:

blizz likes rng, i do not :joy:

oh ye make the experience of lazy snowfleaks as comforting as possible and let everybody play the best class every patch with ease so we can face the same speccs every lobby.
such a nice game experience.

The issue isn’t the boxes
The issue is the lack of testing in regards to Ret , that make it to live so a bunch of hyperactive kids that only care about rating boost one rush boxes to make Arena miserable

If it wasn’t Ret it would be something else. The balance is the issue and the range / spectrum of the balance

Devoker has been bad for how long? And Arms / Ele / DH were good for how long?

It’s the balance that drives me crazy , the boxes are fine if balance was better

Just my 2p

that is the problem.

if blizzard is unable to balance the game and so many people fotm reroll they have to keep the boxes out of the game.

like this ret situation is a extreme scenario since the specc is op and also relatively ez to play but still.
the rerolling even without the boxes to the stronger speccs is quite bizare. the boxes just make it 10x worse.

Glad you agree to a point
I don’t want to see the removal of the boxes though.
Perhaps there is a system where a very new char can’t obtain them. but this only penalizes someone who wants to get boxes on an alt - lets say a feral and they only just made their druid

It’s a rough situation and really I just loathe the ugly side of the community that FOTM reroll for this stuff

edit - Forgot to mention, I’ve seen some rets absolutely blasting in full blues tbh pre-nerf. Even if the boxes were removed , they still would have made Arena miserable for people 2k and under I reckon

They could have just… turn off so ppl couldnt que into SS/2s/3s until they have come up with a solution.

ye for sure. and blue honor gear is not a bad entry ilvl for shuffle anyways imo.
rets wouldve 100% rekt regardless of boxes but its just bad that somebody can decide they want to play a new op specc and besides lvling to 70 they have to do no effort at all and can just BIS gear immediately. thats simply way too easy and makes it that many more people fotm reroll in the first place.

I hear you man. I just don’t know what the answer is other than much better balancing. I don’t see the excuse from the developers to ship the Ret rework like that to live. They had feedback and weeks of test data. It’s cringe

Hopefully there are more nerfs / tuning inc and the reroll kids get bored or stuck. Even still, they’ll probably be stuck at 2k+… meanwhile I’m sweating at 1600+ on Devoker while getting 100-0 by a pebble. Watched some Trille on it and clipped this. The state of it :poop:

[The Evoker Struggle - Twitch](h ttps://

Delete the space after the H() ttps
Ridiculous I can’t send links been on here long enough Sadge

Wouldn’t taking away conq boxes just be a band-aid fix to an issue that shouldn’t even exist in the first place? The goal should be to have specs being balanced more properly, instead of trying to make it hard for people to get going with improperly balanced ones. It’s not like releasing the rework in this state was inevitable, rets are not Thanos.

i thought like this before the current ret fiesta as well.
the game will never be perfectly balanced (even tho they can do way better obviously), there will always be speccs that are overtuned. it never was different. the boxes just enable the rerollers way too much.

it never was easier then currently even without the boxes. if u cant do that lil effort u shouldnt be able to play another class imo.

But 10.0.5 was 10x way more balanced than this clown-fiesta

I agree but what if they make boxes ibly getable on the same char for example i habe 3 warriors i want 1 to have the boxes i can send them but blizz adds you csn only send bixes if ur 1600 in 3v3 would maybe also fix 3v3 problem atleast a bit.

U can only send boxes if ur 1600 in 3v3 and only to the same class u fot 1600 with.

3 weapons in about 25 boxes. you had bad luck

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I guess so yes, I’ll buy a name change and make that druid’s name Unluckygødx :smiley:

This will probably be my last message till an uncertain date, take care guys, I’m taking a break, I’ll probably be here for season 2.

good luck to you all , cya


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