Conquest and Valor Uncapped Until Season 2 Ends

Early in a season, it’s beneficial to pace gear acquisition by adding a maximum amount of Conquest and Valor that can be earned weekly to prevent having a dominant advantage by playing an excessive amount of hours in PvP and Mythic+. As the weeks go by and the cap increases, we reach a point where there’s no longer a dominant advantage in gear acquisition with grinding Conquest and Valor and it’s friendlier to simply remove the cap entirely for those who are catching up or gearing alts until the next season begins. We’ve reached that point and have removed the Conquest and Valor caps for the rest of Season 2. When the next season begins, all Conquest and Valor will be converted into gold and sent to the character’s mail.

Safe travels, friends!


Nice, now please make valor and conquest upgrades unlock account wide :slight_smile:


When will season 2 end huh?

that is exactly the point… i dont care about this cap beeing removed, but for gearing up alts this restriction has to go away… i would love to play my alts like i did in 8.3 or even in 9.0…
free us up do play the game as we like it


maybe its better to remove the cap at the start ? or wait until a certain number of guilds have clear the mythic raid ( for the purpose of them to not farm m+ endlessly to get gear “easily” or separate both , just an idea not the best i suppose but oh well ), having a cap is restrictive and some people sits down with some loot they got in m+ for weeks and month without being able to upgrade it since the drop chance can be against you for a long time

Mythic+ achievements should be account wide.

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Since 9.2 hasn’t even been announced, it’s gonna be quite a while.

We can safely expect it to last at least 3 months.


So what? I don’t care if people excessively grind and also it does not make any sense. How about removing the vault then because lottery can get people 252 weapons in the first week of a season? The vault is an even greater dominant advantage during the first weeks of progression. Please spare us with such weak excuses. Its all about monthly played hours and numbers.

KSM was account wide in season one. There is no other reason than Blizz can’t deliver content that they removed it.


"you can have fun but guys remeber you cannot have fun forver - once 9.2 hits we will take away your fun again "

great move blizz there.


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