Conquest boxes on retail s4

Here comes the 1000th thread of asking pretty please for you to add conquest boxes. I have 11 max level characters and I went through the effort of gearing two of them to full conquest gear and I really can’t be bothered to do it a third time. I have tens of thousands of conquest on my mains that I can’t do anything with. All while I can’t play my alts because I would first of all not be able to find an arena partner and secondly if I did somehow manage to find someone to play with me, I would basically be playing a rogue in a wheelchair. Please, if there are any devs at all that haven’t been moved over to work on DF or WotLK, I’m begging you. I don’t want to spend a week farming bgs or solo shuffle in order to get conquest on my alts.

Alternatively buff conquest gains from unrated pvp content by like 1000%. not as nice of a fix though.


SO needed. Make EU pvp alive again!

It’s weird feeling when you want to play wow. But blizzard stop u…


Hopefully we don’t pay a monthly sub… Ho wait…

bli$$ has given up retail completely, which is a pity. but wotlk = $$$$$

this isn’t true though

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