Conquest Gear (am I the only one?!)

am i the only one finding it a little bit ODD (to say the least) how conquest gear has a LOWER ilvl than emisary gear? ye sure if you do arena you get a higher reward but that still doesnt explain nor justify why the conquest cap is lower than random emisary gear

could’ve been the same ilvl or even higher considering it takes longer to cap 500 conquest compared to doing 4 wqs but no… it’s LOWER

what exactly is the reason behind this Blizz? if you have one…

oh and also, can you update the invasion rewards too? theyre still capped at a PITIFUL 370… you did add that new nightsaber for doing heroic darkshore so you are aware the [Honorbound Service Medal] are still a thing :face_with_hand_over_mouth: just throwing that out there

(and yes im aware if you complete the entire first round of conquest gear THEN it’ll upgrade in ilvl but thats months from now)

Imo the main difference is u can pick your item via CP, right stats, right traits,in theory u dont even need to do pvp, or just casualy.

Also CP system allows some kind of cath up, now u get 1 item per week, but if u switch chars or join later u will get all of them, and if u want you can get all of them in one day, while when u wanna gear via emisaries u gona have a hard time.

But yea gearing in pvp sux, overaly pvp is dead a bit. Needs a bit (realy a lot) work…

only the first reward is 440 (weapon), everything after is 445. You’re saying you haven’t completed it yet and then came to the forums to complain?

where do i say i havnt completed it? im simply asking why the conquest reward is lower(or the same starting next week) than the emisary rewards considering the time it takes to cap conquest compared to doing 4 wqs for a emisary

gearing through pvp is sh*t, if you can even call it gearing… one item per week and HOPE for some lucky loot at the end of a bg or arena and that is MUCH lower than world quest gear (425 blues lol)

but nah its not a problem… lets just ignore people who like to pvp

but even as catchup mechanic its a complete failure because everyone will just spam m+ a few weeks/months into a season because you can target loot aswell in higher itemlvl and wayway faster.

a 2v2 win gives what 15 conquest? takes forever sadly

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