Conquest gear upgrade costs?

Hi all,

Does anyone have a 1h Caster weapon or a 2h weapon purchased with Conquest and could share data about their upgrade costs, please?

I’m working on an addon to display upgrade cost information in tooltips, and 1H Caster / 2H Weapons purchased with Conquest are the only pieces of data I’m missing :slight_smile:
If you aren’t a 1H Caster / 2H Weapon user, but you have the Conquest, you can purchase the item → take it to the upgrade vendor → take a screenshot of the upgrade cost to 2/9 → close the upgrade vendor window and sell it back for a refund.

I believe all upgrade steps have a normalised cost - at least Honor gear does, so if you only know the cost from 1/9 to 2/9 that should be fine.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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