Conquest to Honor exchange item at PvP vendor

Now that we can collect PvP gear from Conquest points easily, Blizzard should an item which exchanges conquest points for honor points. I think this is a good idea since once you collect whole PvP gear set, you are left with 2 options - use conquest to gear your alts or buy gear with different stats for some other spec. But if you don’t do either conquest just sits at your currency tab and becomes useless.

We all know honor grinding to upgrade your gear can be a pain and I suggest that Blizzard implements an item which allows you to exchange conquest for honor in order to upgrade your gear more quickly.

What do you guys think? If you like this idea please thumbs up or something so ppl can see this :smiley:


Absolutely agree!

This would be one of the most essential innovation from Blizzard.

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ya blizz lets do what op says

i think renataki’s solution to pvp gearing of increasing conquest gains for higher rated players makes more sense than this :slight_smile:

This is not going to be the case in 9.2, where we’ll start with weekly caps again.
The solution proposed will not make sense a few months for now, hence there’s no reason to do it as you’ll be able to catch up to the current maximum item level quicker.

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