Conquest Vendors Temporarily Unavailable

As a top priority, we’re working on issue with items that can be purchased for Conquest, and until we get it fixed, we’ve disabled all of the Conquest vendors.

At this time, we don’t know how long it’s going to take to fix.

We expect that we will have to do realm restarts to make the fix for this work correctly. Please look for scheduled realm restarts to know when we have it all sorted.

Thank you for your patience!

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Dont forget to feed the 2 Devs you have working Cata. They are human too.


At least let us buy HONOR gear… I booked today off work to make sure I could Pre-BIS before the season started and I’m hard capped at 4k honor and I’m unable to do anything with it…

I’d be full pre-bis by now, but I’m stood at the vendor waiting…

The Conquest vendor has literally nothing to do with the HONOR vendor…


You can atleast enable Honor vendors…


So, enable the Honor vendors.

PS: To everyone stuck at 4K Honor, you can buy Wrathful items and refund them before the 2hr (only time logged in counts) timer runs out. Keep selling and refunding to never have the timer run out - until they put the vendors back in.


Bumping this. Honor vendors been missing since yesterday evening.

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Its understandable that conquest npc could be messed up and require fix, but i see 0 reason to remove HONOR vendor, almost 24h already, for real…


small indie company


Can you atleast put back the HONOR VENDORS? There’s people out here who CAN’T PLAY YOUR GAME because they want to have full honor gear atleast before going into arena.

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Fix Resilience aswell while you’re at it. How embarassing of an launch this was/is.


I understand about the conquest vendors but this honor vendor makes 0 sense to remove unless the bug is the same to what the conquest one was I can say I doubt this as it was out for days with no issue prior people shouldn’t be sitting at honor cap to buy entry level PvP gear this whole launch has been scuffed I really do hope that you guys start sorting out whatever issues that you are having as this just makes me less and less willing to play.

worst day off i’ve ever had

What was that exploit earlier today that led to the vendors’ disappearance?

Typically there is a cap on conquest points, but if people spent conquest points they earned, they could earn more and keep buying gear to get full pvp set instantly.

Could you please add the regular honor gear vendors back, so that we can at least spend honor and gear up?

The season has started and since I opted to gear for PvE first, I am now blocked from playing arenas too.

Also please fix the r13/r14 gear…

please add HONOR VENDORS BACK they have nothing to do with conquest vendors, you cannot progress as a pvp player currently

Can you atleast increase the honor cap? Or implement the honor vendor back in. This is an utter farce for us that have sat on 4k cap since yesturday evening, unable to do anything. Some of us get little time to play and this should have been sorted faster…
I pray for a quick resolution but no doubt ill have another wasted evening where I’m unable to progress.

Put in honor vendors and remove the cap on honor and then lets us know when conquest vendors work properly that’s atleast what u can do

What a team of incompetents.

no pvp vendor

vehicles not rescaled to lvl 85 in winter conquest

stun in vehicles, now available…

Incredible bli$$ard

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