Conquest Vendors Temporarily Unavailable

Can you atleast increase the honor cap? Or implement the honor vendor back in. This is an utter farce for us that have sat on 4k cap since yesturday evening, unable to do anything. Some of us get little time to play and this should have been sorted faster…
I pray for a quick resolution but no doubt ill have another wasted evening where I’m unable to progress.

Put in honor vendors and remove the cap on honor and then lets us know when conquest vendors work properly that’s atleast what u can do

What a team of incompetents.

no pvp vendor

vehicles not rescaled to lvl 85 in winter conquest

stun in vehicles, now available…

Incredible bli$$ard

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What a joke

Get a life people.
Most of you should do some breathwork and relax :hear_no_evil:


Whilst you’re at it, could you fix the 40 Resilience chest enchant? Literally doesn’t work, only the WotLK 20 Resilience enchant works…

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Honor vendors are back!

Id be mad aswell if I would pay for this buggy mess (cata classic is literally the buggiest release they ever had in WoW) , thanks to some whales who buy tons of WoW tokens I dont have to though

Can you just release honor vendors at least, like who is going to abuse honor vendors. Just let me farm some PVP gear Blizz…

Honor vendors are back up bro. COnq missing only.

Yeah it sucks but you won’t get compensation for a few hours, stop pushing too hard.

The realm restarts should occur at 06:00 CEST.

We expect vendors to appear when realms come back up.




conquest bug is still in EU, spend conquest bar resets

You should at least delete honor cap so we can play Bg’s after reaching 4k. There’s no way to spend them now and no reason to play PVP. I dont know if you guys are lazy to think before you act or just have no responsible developers? Hire me, I can help for god sake…

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@Blizzard Please get a Anticheat… overall Farming Bots!!

From all Subs in Cata are 75% Farmingbots… GG Blizzard

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maybe for… fun? i know ridicilous playing something for the sake of fun

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Mate, you have just mentioned the reason why they will not bother.

If bots are 75% of Subs, why they should cancel them? Does not make sense from a business perspective.

Sometime I feel like people can’t be that dumb and literally defend lazy and noobish developers approach at the forum where are literally posted issues that should be solved for a god damn payed game! :smiley: You think this argument is smart or somehow helping to improve game? :smiley: Like dude you go against your self. Maybe we should make a post about ferals beeing too hursh in PVP to get that tweaked too a bit? :slight_smile: Are you some hdiden lazy developer or are you that dumb? :slight_smile:

that isnt defending, its just idiotic to say no reason to play pvp cause litterly 99% of the reason to do stuff like pvp is for actually doing pvp. You want to smack other players and win.

There is a diffrence in reporting a bug and coming up with stupid arguemtns like this…

You know what also is not helping improve the game. Spam,ming threads one by one to a topic that is already recognized by the developers and spamming allround bad language flaming all and everyone completly childish.