Considering transferring, asking for more info

Hi, I am a 60 lvl rogue with pre bis gear, i want to know if any serious pve/pvp guild is actually playing in this server.
Thank you for your help!!

This is a very casual server.
(Horde side) there is <5 players lvl 60 when I looked 2 nights ago.
There isnt even a discord been created for this server.

I would say the vast majority of players are sitting between lvl 20 to 40.

From what I gather most of the players are veterans whom have grown up and just cannot play the game hardcore anymore due to work / real life (which is the case with myself).

That sucks :confused: wanted to have an easier time not having to log in at 7-11 am everyday due to que later on but if i cant raid and pvp at least seriously then … meh :confused: ty for response!

8 60’s in our guild alot more 50+ we are doing attainments atm and pay on entering MC on Sunday

Not sure about horde side

Yeh I don’t think there will be a raid for a good few weeks / month on this server. (Horde side)
And in my opinion that’s why myself and others are enjoying this server as it’s casual friendly and slow paced.

Unfortunately that doesn’t suit everyone.

if your a high level horde player i wouldn’t bother, there is one guild swallowing up all the players as there not many of them at all. Will be at least two months before this server catches up to the rest.

Need update on how things are looking, atm having x3 ony pug kills under my belt ( meaning i created and leaded those pugs into success on Mograine) still looking to transfer, would love the info!! cheers !

Didnt transfers close already?

Seems you are right.

Yeah, yesterday was the lat day. Also yesterday i saw 32 players on lvl 60 online (was like 2-3 people week ago) and seems like they were doing MC. Probably some guild transferred (Ally)

I see will they open transfers again tho? and if yes do we know if it will be same server?

Maybe they will change target servers, it’s hard to guess. Truth is that not many people decide to transfer, which makes empty servers a self fulfilling prophecy ; )

Blizz also said that they’ll open spanish realms, so there will be some extra transfers to that

We aren’t a pserver guild.

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The transfers are open again. The horde side could use a player boost. The alliance will have a PvP everytime one from Storm sees them.