Considering transferring

Hello native Dragonfang(ians?),

is the situation in the realm as bad as the other threads make it seem? How do you feel about maining on this realm? I mainly play on the evenings and min. half an hour queues are not to my liking, thus considering a transfer to either here or Judgement.

Thanks folks,
see y’all around.

From the horde side it seems like the worst is over.

Most of the venting I see is from alliance, so I’d imagine its still not great from them.

On horde we have quite a few guilds that are raiding or starting up soon, an AH that is finally active (though admittedly prices are a bit volatile) and a good community forming.
If you decide to transfer, hit me up if you’re looking for a casual raiding guild. We’re launching our raid team first week of december.

You just summoned hairygorillol and doll with your topic. The evil gods of realm transfers. What have you done?
P. S.: Welcome.


I saw multiple incredible posts by the aforementioned gorilla, what is his deal?

I’ll see about transferring. :- ) Then again as I am only level 23 at the moment, rerolling wouldn’t be an issue either.

Nothing much. One thinks if you don’t have to stand in line for a quest item, that means the server is dead. The other thinks if you don’t have ghost mushrooms in the ah, then the server is dead. I recommend you create a lvl1, and ask around.

do not transfer, the server is more dead then my forefather and to top it off the most cancerous.

This green junky gnome with patchy face is in one of the only guilds that are raiding and has probably given a few bj’s to tanks and healer and is able to form groups in a dead server.

the server is so small i kid you not i have been running dungeons with the same people over and over. you see the same names making groups and you see the same tanks and healers.

There are only 3 guilds raiding on the server and they have control over the whole server, they can do whatever they want. For any reason you are hated you can’t just hop to another guild. one guy on the server got kicked out of a guild for saying “pull the mobs and lets rape them”

I don’t get invited to guilds because I defended myself and voiced out my opinions. This green camel jockey got me kicked out of a raid and i also have a screenshot of him spamming me with taunts after the kick.

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Thought you have your dream realm now. Why not bother them instead?

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No one wants to group with this guy. I find groups pretty darn easily.


It is one of those Individual opinions again :wink:

I like Dragonfang, I chose it mainly because it was low population.

I admit, I don’t do dungeons or raids, so I don’t look up for groups and I decline when asked.
But if any help is needed in other places I do help, and I also get help from other players too.
I have in general came across only friendly players :slight_smile:

I can’t say, I play on 2 realms in Classic, so I am not just on this one.

But most people I come across I have also talked too about Dragonfang, and I don’t meet many that dislike playing on it :slight_smile:

:point_up_2: This is the advise I would give too, make a char and play with it and you’ll get a feel on how the realm is and if you like it :slight_smile:

I’ve rerolled and enjoying it on Alliance side tremendously already. :- )

Catch y’all around,


Cheers. If stuck mention it ingame.
Hope you wont regret your choice and gl.

Grats mate, good luck with the leveling and hope to see you around

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you need to unban me from discord and tell your ban happy discord admins to stop kicking anyone who mentions my name on discord. i had someone sent an image of someone ninjering and he got kicked out and post deleted.

Okay you’re unbanned

Do not. The server is sadly really dead.