Constant Disconnects from all WoW games?

Am I missing something? is there a shutdown for all WoW games currently or have they messed something up again.

I can’t get into any of the WoW games, classic, wrath, DF, I disconnect at the loading screens for all of them continuously?

No problems here. I think if there was a problem with the games there would be more posts on forums.

Yeah i don’t quite understand what is going on, the only change to my pc was an Nvidia driver update earlier :confused:

The Disconnect code i get is BLZ51901016 which means the system cannot run the game…but it was fine earlier today

Have you restarted your PC after the driver update?

I can only suggest trying the things mentioned here:

If non of those steps work, then as the issue seems to have started after the driver updated, then maybe it hasn’t installed correctly. Might be be worth trying to reinstall it.

…you can’t see the shame on my face but a restart was what the doctor ordered…omg kill me

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Hi. I am experiencing disconnections, from all games and from my investigation I have found this is not Blizzard related, but it does affect my gaming. It is 99,9 Windows 10 related, I suspect many users may have reported recently. It might be have to do with Microsoft or software hijack, but I would love to see working solution on forums as a long time customer and huge fan of Blizzard.

The OP’s problem in this topic was solved and appears to not be the same as yours. It would be better to start your own topic for help and not hijack this one.

Providing more inofrmation about your issue and what you have done to try resolve it will also help others to help you.

You are right. Anyway I have solved my problem by reinstalling Windows.