Constant getting DC'ed since 8.3 launched

So, I am getting constantly, randomly disconnected from the game. The interval varies greatly.

The code i’m getting is: WOW5190019

The only thing that has changed for me is that the patch has been released. I have literally gone through every step that I know to solve the problem. I’ve restarted PC, restarted the router, checked for Driver updates. I’ve also run the repair tool, i’ve deleted the WTF, Cache AND Interface folders. I’ve been running completely without addons for a while, to rule it out, and it still happens.

The only common denominator i’ve been able to pinpoint is that it seems to happen while i’m in major cities/rested areas with my characters. I’ve run a fair amount of dungeons and it hasn’t happened once while in one, since the patch launch.


I just got disconnect during vision. I cannot do any visions again until next week. You know how i feel. I am ok get disconnect in arena, yes i can loose one game , but win another one, but vision you can play only 1 per week. If it disconnects - gg.


I have to put some attention to this, as my issue is still not resolved. Here, several days later, I am still getting random DC’s constantly.

Since the raid has been released and i’ve done more content outside of rested areas, I can confirm that it’s not just in rested areas, i’m getting DC’d.

I have also followed the steps in the this link, and it has not gotten any better. I need some help with this, as it’s really killing the value i’m getting for my money.

I have the same as many other players and blizzard does nothing about it

Same issue here - unless I’m in some kinda instance i get disconnected every 5-10 minutes.

Hey guys and gals,

There are many reasons that you can disconnect from World of Warcraft, and while the symptoms may be the same, the causes of all your issues could be entirely independent of eachother, so to say that you’re all having the ‘same’ problem could be a little inaccurate!

We’d always recommend following our WoW Disconnection Problems article for this kind of problem, as it solves the vast majority of common disconnection issues, and creates a really good basis for further troubleshooting if it’s needed :slight_smile:

Clearly you didn’t read through much here anyways! I already posted the same link that you did, and stated that i’ve followed the steps in it! This is too damn lazy a reply for anyone! Well done, you’re getting me even more frustrated now, by not taking the time to properly read what’s been posted here!

EDIT: I do want to clarify one thing. This all started when patch 8.3 was released. I never had the issue before!


I to am getting disconnected multiple times per day, totally at random. I’ve had it in raids pre pull, raids mid-pull, questing, standing still in a city, then to top it off today i got dc’ed as i entered the mini-vision (so i got locked out of it) AND inside a horrific vision RIGHT as i pulled thrall after doing a 4 zone clear. The only thing that had changed since forever is 8.3 hitting live servers. My internet is fine, nothing else dcs or stutters, only WoW.
Its actually a serious problem right now that should be a priority fix, imagine failing a mythic progress boss by a couple of % because someone dced mid fight, or a m+ key, or in my case both visions.
Unfortunately its been 2 weeks of it already and it doesn’t look like they’re even addressing the issue, let alone fixing it.
Sorry for ranting on your post but its frustrating.


I have checked for updates to my graphics card and I am up to date and today I just started crashing. I would give you what it says but when I say ok it dissappears.

I finally had to give up, th dc’s were taking longer to log back in than the time I was able to stay in game.

I did leave all the new areas including chamber and did not have any dc’s. But that does not really help me getting my daily’s done or upgrading my cloak :frowning:

D2837236-85B3-4CFE-83ED-D955A18D246A is what is says to report

I have only crashed in 8.3 areas and I have no addons on

Hey Mindbender,

Sorry to hear you’re still having problems with this.

If the regular connection troubleshooting steps didn’t help, we’d need some diagnostics files to help check things out.

For connection issues, if you could have a WinMTR running around the time a disconnect happens, it could be useful as well, although I understand this can be tricky if the problem isn’t regular/predictable.

You can share links in your post as Preformatted text by highlighting your link and clicking the </> icon or writing the link between ``. To share files with us, you can use a page like or share directly with us through OneDrive.


I did a lot of testing around with addons and different characters and noticed that despite disabling all addons my hunter kept getting dc’d while any other character I logged seemed fine.

The only difference between my hunter and all the others is that the hunter is in a guild while the rest is guildless.
Through more testing I’ve found that opening the guild roster is going to get me disconnected within a few minutes. Maybe you guys here wanna check if the same is true for you?

That is actually an interesting observation! All my characters are guilded, and i’ve had the issue on all characters that i’ve logged into since 8.3 launched. So I can definitely not dismiss your observation in the slightest.

How about it Blizz?? A lot of people are still struggling with DC’s. Perhaps you should give the guild roster/guild finder tool a thorough testing! Several of my guildies are also struggling with DC’s. But since I am GM I probably have a tendency to open my guild tab a lot more than your average guilded player.