Constant lag spikes

Been getting constant lag spikes since I came back and started playing BFA, ended up quitting in Legion, and every 5 seconds or so, I’m getting such bad lag that the game is becoming unplayable. I never experienced this lag in Legion. I am able to play the game at max settings and my ping in 32 so neither of those are issues, no idea what the problem is.

Have you checked to make sure your graphics driver is up to date?

I’ve also seen someone else complain of a similar problem, and switching to DX11 sorted the problem for him.

Also try loading up with all addons disabled to see if it makes a difference.

Write this thread in technical support so that a blue poster cm can help u out

As that was his only post in the forums … I’m guessing either it’s not that much of a problem, or it’s been solved :wink:

Most probably .

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