Constant long texture load times


Since 8.2, i’ve been finding it taking really long every time i log into game for the first time and into new zones, places with lots of people etc. Often my character will be invisible for the first minute whilst everything loads up in Boralus and then a shorter but similar thing when i zone into Nazjatar.

It also slows down other aspects of my computer when happening, like WoW is hogging all the processing or memory power, e.g. internet pages won’t load or not as quick, programmes like discord won’t load up whilst this happens.

I’ve tried a UI reset and it didn’t help.
I’ve power cycled the router.
Updated graphics card drivers.

The PC is fine at all other times, raiding, dungeons are all good - its just like its constantly struggling to load textures initially then is good once done.

I’ve also noticed a GPUCache folder appear twice in the WoW retail folder - deleting it is fine but i dont know what causes that - not using any Adobe products.

Any help is appreciated.


I have the same issues.

If I mount I can move but my camera freezes and I have no idea where I’m walking. It’s getting annoying.


Same here ^

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same here exaclty like you all describe it, started after patch.


same here… so annoying

Sameee here

Hi. Just wondering if anyone with the same found a resolution or if a blue can point me in the right direction please?

I have the same issues.
Tried switching back to DX11, it didnt help for me. Tried the wow repair, full ui reset, updated drivers, nothing helps. Even playing the game w/o addons doesnt help.
My PC can handle other games with high-to-ultra graphics without any issues, but this… it annoys the hell out of me…
WTB help please, any blue!

edit: for reference (5 portals + NPCs on top of Orgrimmar…)
https:// gyazo. com/75a9d2093104a7ed9c9c38894ebaea1a


Hello, ever since 8.2 dropped, I started having issues just as the people already posted here, also, when you mount you become invisible, but the game lets you go on with your mount. Textures not loading, portal not loading. I’ve found the biggest offender of this is New Dalaran.
Also, Also, sometimes, I can’t go where I want to go because the game acts like it’s invisible wall in front of me.

Same as the people that posted before, problem started the day 8.2 dropped, been struggling with this issue ever since.

I did a clean UI start, deleted everything, used the repair function, nothing helped.


A solution for this would be nice, it’s really annoying.


Same Issue here, however i’ve had this issue since like 8.1.

Tele to Orgrimmar from Zuldazar = Can move by the looks of it [MiniMap]
However, There’s no object nor players and the Camera is Frozen.

Same sometimes when seeing the character and flies above Org certain Objects aint spawning til like 10 secs later.

It’s quite annoying.

However i was thinking about something, where do Y’all have WoW Installed?

(C:) / (D:) / (E:) / External HDD.

I’m currently having it on (D:).

Could this be the Cause maybe ?.

I have it installed on an SSD, completely separated from Windows/Programmes.

Same problem.

Also heavy lag on dreanor releams. It’s not just me - when it happens lots of people complaining in general chat. (Happened in major city and mechagon)

I did time walking and lag waves had occured. Not a single party member can move or use spell. At the end we have to disband group.

I got like 1-2 hours per day and if it happens there is no point of logging in game.

Any Blue with a response please?

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Just an update i noticed today but it even happens while wow is loading - so i had twitch open watching WF stream and then logged into wow - between loading screen and Boralus appearing, twitch just stopped and then error message on stream which fixes as soon as boralus loads in and i replay on twitch - something is hogging something but im no pc expert :slight_smile:

Any1 tried reinstalling the game?

Tried re installing moved it to a diffrent hard drive and it has no effect if you do that most of the other comments people have made here are issues I have had.

The odd thing in my case was last night it worked okay and I come back this morning and the issues re present themselves again I have looked around the nvidia forums and it would seem for the cards they make it is a driver issue they said they have a fix on the way for owners of the cards in the next driver update.

As for Ryzen owners as I do not have one it might be worth looking on the site for them to see if it is a driver issue for them as well.

Up until this time my installation has been working flawlessly and having done extensive checks and trouble shooting it is in my eyes at least shoddy drivers that are the cause.

More things ive tried with no success -

Full clean uninstall using DDU and reinstall of gfx drivers

Updated windows 10 totally

Changed nvidia settings to high performance

Tried DX11

Scan and repair of wow

At a loss of what else to try

Suspect either a gfx driver or wow issue

Also wow is on a ssd already

For me this is where it gets really strange. I have had no end of issues the last two days. I went through a reseating of my graphics cards this morning and did a check on BIOS settings and so on put the computer back in plugged all my stuff on it back on booted it up and came into Windows.

I made the assumption as before with my issues that it would be a issue to run WoW I also removed the new headset from the system being wireless it is powered by a dongle and thus not needing to be plugged into the keyboard this is where it gets odd for me. I started WoW up fully expecting it to act up again as it has done the past two days but it was fine in fact even with the settings on my machine being on high the game was stable smooth and ran like a dream.

I did two lots of WQ’s and all went okay no texture issues no kind of stuttering nothing al all I was still paranoid this was a lucky break so I came back out put the headset dongle into the keyboard usb port and it connected and the headset was fine no crashes no change in behaviour not ramping up of fans of the graphics cards it was running fine has been all day. I am not saying the issue is resolved till a couple of days of it being stable and WoW working much the same as my other games have done when it was causing me grief but I am certain that by re seating my graphics cards both it has done something to help the driver stay stable.

That said I feel for anyone who is going through this issue it’s unpredictable and frustrating and even more annoying when you play any other game and they all run okay and do not cause these issues with the drivers.

I will try to go over in my mind what I did here and post it to see if it helps anyone on a later date. The ideas posted now are just suggestions and my not work for everyone.

Same here, and i am running out of patience as blizzard didn’t do anything to fix this :neutral_face: