Constant rollbacks of arena stats after logout

Hello. My arena progress getting reset with a high chance after each log out from the game. I don’t press alt+f4, I use ESC > Quit the game. It probably happened in 75% of my logouts. Character on Argent Dawn had 33 games 21 wins today (January 24th). Now im back to 29 games 18 wins. Rating also rolls back from ~1344 to 1291.

Yesterday I’v played on my russian character on Gordunni (January 23rd). Arena games got rolled back twice. In total I had over 1200 rating and 20 games played but ended up as 3 wins of 4 games and 300 rating.

I could provide the names of my characters, but I think blizzard can do it themselves.

I had stable connection this day I believe, my ping is 53 home 51 world. And yet I get the rollback as If disconnected from the game (if its a reason?)

Please investigate this issue, tell me how to avoid it and report further as it really may stop me from playing, while I really enjoy this game.

I have reported this bug and created a ticket, tho I doubt it will be fixed quick enough as issue appears to be not that common.

Update. Logged in on Argent Dawn character and its stats was restored to 33 games 21 wins 1344 rating. Tho if I played a single game with rolled back one, it wouldnt be restored, or it wouldn’t be restored anyway (as for my Gordunni character). I mean, issue is still here. Not resolved at all.

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